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Para Risk Journey



Amazing TV show. Definitely a must see.

The Dropout imageThe Dropout image

The Dropout


Didn't thought I would enjoy this. But I did, Amazing heartfelt movie. Mila Kunis done an extremely wonderful job in this movie 🎬

Four Good Days imageFour Good Days image

Four Good Days

Movies | Drama

Amazing 2-hour action movie. Tearjerker too, only if you're sensitive like me that is. Worth watching the movie.

Space Sweepers imageSpace Sweepers image

Space Sweepers

Movies | Science Fiction

The movie is epic. Amazing from the start. Have you on the edge of your seat.

Death of Me imageDeath of Me image

Death of Me

Movies | Thriller

Have to see it for yourself. Amazing movie.

Mama imageMama image


Movies | Horror

This show is pretty amazing. Wouldn't recommend kids watching it unless with permission. This show always had me on the edge of my seat.

Utopia imageUtopia image


Shows | Drama

Amazing heartfelt movie for the entire family. Also a date night movie too.

Where Hope Grows imageWhere Hope Grows image

Where Hope Grows

Movies | Drama

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