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Polaris Dreams



Okay i will be honest i started watching this because I am a fan of Lee Min Ho, however, it is one of his recent and the story is so mysterious and the romance very cute and i love their loyalty towards one another. #romance

The King: Eternal Monarch imageThe King: Eternal Monarch image

The King: Eternal Monarch

Shows | Drama

Aww! This is so cute. Besides the ghosts, come on a ghost deserves some love and plus she helps miss shy girl to get bolder towards Mr right. #romance

Oh My Ghost imageOh My Ghost image

Oh My Ghost

Shows | Comedy

I was so down when Netflix removed this, so i buy the DVDs. I love how the female lead is strong and the male lead is so in love with her. #romance

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon imageStrong Woman Do Bong Soon image

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Shows | Comedy

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