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Azalea Walker



I love young adult fiction, TF2, emo music, and art!


I honestly jumped on the bandwagon because of the constant social media hype. Honestly, those two seasons put me on a Rollercoaster of emotions, especially S2E6. All of the characters are so well written and have their own unique flaws. I don't have any particular character I hate, but I love Kat, Maddie and Lexi the most.

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Shows | Drama

My boyfriend initially got me into this show. At first, I was like WTF. Then, the characters grew on me over time. Some scenes almost made me want to cry, others had me laughing out loud. Overall, all seasons sent me on a Rollercoaster of emotions. Sad that the new season is exclusive on their app 😢

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Trailer Park Boys

Shows | Comedy

I really wish we could get more seasons. I watched this animation before the 14-season original. I like Bubbles the most as a character. He is very compassionate, loves cats, and cares about the wellbeing of his friends. Warning, the show has a LOT of cussing in it, and the episodes do not have a developing plot, just recurring themes.

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Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series

Shows | Animation

This show is so amazing, with excellent writing and minimal fanservice. The conflict and storyline revolves around the predator-prey nature of animals, which I find very interesting



Shows | Animation

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