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Slow. Very very slow. Even for an A24 film - without much of a payoff.

The Blackcoat's Daughter imageThe Blackcoat's Daughter image

The Blackcoat's Daughter

Movies | Horror

This one has really interesting things to say about class, service, consumerism, and foodie culture wrapped in a thriller satire. Deeply needs trigger warnings. I swear Anya is 90% eyes and I'm here ūüĎčūüĎčforūüĎčit

The Menu imageThe Menu image

The Menu

Movies | Horror

Enjoyable fluff. Watch rich people behave badly at beautiful resorts! Does any of it matter? Not really. Was watching it an escape from the banality of a life without privilege? Only you can answer that.

The White Lotus imageThe White Lotus image

The White Lotus


As an anxious Xanax user, I thought this was great. Balanced and supported by the science, with a lot of empathy for people who suffer with all kinds of anxiety

Take Your Pills: Xanax imageTake Your Pills: Xanax image

Take Your Pills: Xanax


Brutal, savage, sad, and sweet. Pearl is a star ‚≠ź

Pearl imagePearl image


Movies | Horror

A great companion piece to "The Deep End" on Hulu. This completes my Teal Swan rabbit-hole ūü¶Ę

The Gateway: Teal Swan imageThe Gateway: Teal Swan image

The Gateway: Teal Swan

Podcasts | Society & Culture

I knew the facts of this case, but now think about it quite differently after watching this doc. Deals with issues involving family systems, generational trauma, and effects of the media following a tragedy. Very interesting family

Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story imageCaptive Audience: A Real American Horror Story image

Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story


Love this style of docuseries, feels very real and unobtrusive. Also, if you haven't heard of Teal Swan, there's lots of rabbit hole to go down afterwards...

The Deep End imageThe Deep End image

The Deep End


Genre bending - hilarious, cringe, and sexy

Spin Me Round imageSpin Me Round image

Spin Me Round

Movies | Comedy

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