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This is so compelling. I think it’s more of an expose and a think piece than it is a documentary. I think of it almost daily when I get a new notification and decide whether I should check it or not.

The Social Dilemma imageThe Social Dilemma image

The Social Dilemma

Movies | Documentary

such a great movie. the acting is fantastic. so many stars giving amazing performances. I immediately recommended this to my mom and made a review on TikTok(@raeraewoo)! loved it.

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Book Club

Movies | Comedy

Really cute. Reminded me a lot of the movie A walk to remember. #SPOILERS > single father, daughter who sings, is terminally ill, falls in love with a boy and then dies. 😭 heartbreaking but in the - love prevails kind of way. If you don’t mind being reminded of your own mortality or crying - def worth watching.

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Midnight Sun

Movies | Romance

This movie was not on my radar but here I am crying again 😭😍. Love is my favorite thing. This hits on all cylinders. It is a bit long - but the pacing is consistent.

The Last Letter From Your Lover imageThe Last Letter From Your Lover image

The Last Letter From Your Lover

Movies | Romance

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