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Want to experience a good movie, and maybe your own semi schizophrenic existential crisis ?

Shutter Island imageShutter Island image

Shutter Island

Movies | Drama

Thrilling introspection, attention to detail, and more relevant as the years go by.

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Movies | Action

The best fantasy show has the best writing, amazing performances, and unparalleled visuals. The shocking twists are just icing on the cake.

Game of Thrones imageGame of Thrones image

Game of Thrones

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Well deserved part of the new golden age of TV that was the late 2000s-mid 2010s. Twists and turns and heart filled acting.

Sons of Anarchy imageSons of Anarchy image

Sons of Anarchy

Shows | Crime

Some of the best superhero Media ever.

Marvel's Daredevil imageMarvel's Daredevil image

Marvel's Daredevil

Shows | Crime

Amazing recreation of 1920s-30s culture. Gangster epic. Euro - Sons of Anarchy.

Peaky Blinders imagePeaky Blinders image

Peaky Blinders

Shows | Drama

Well written, well acted, perfect settings, and perfect cast. Its got hooks and nostalgia for days.

Yellowjackets imageYellowjackets image


Shows | Drama

Psychological super hero trip

Legion imageLegion image


Shows | Action & Adventure

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