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You talking about a tru Romeo and Juliet love story. A must watch. If you like emotional romance drama.

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A Jazzman's Blues


You wanna talk about wanting to not hurt,age,grow, or feel. This is a great movie to have a mirror showing all our insecurities. #Humans

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Movies | Action

I grew up on it so. Yeah. It kinda plugged into me. ESP with my daughters mom getting me into it. Got it stuck on me.

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Family Guy

Shows | Animation

If you like childhood shows remade for the right gen. Then you’ll love this Harley Quinn like animated show.

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Shows | Animation

Ok. First of all for this to be kind of sort of like $1 million baby/hurricane /into the term wall with the fighter/characters real life/addiction problem/the things that fighters go through in the real world you know it was overall great story very ground in realism and you know I love movies like that. Great actress she played an amazing character did an amazing job everyone supported and did they’re best as well

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Movies | Drama

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