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(FAIR WARNING) This is a whole review with one line spoiler. LeBron's acting is very stale. The writers did a horrible job writing lines. There were some seriously corny lines, jokes and puns. LeBron literally had one facial expression for most of the movie which was just a serious face where he was stuck. Hell one of the lines LeBron said was when his kid Darius was mocking him from behind and he told him "Chill out Darius. You know I got full court vision." 😂😂😂 Like who says this stuff. Let alone writes this stuff. However shoutout to the visual effects group and the animators because visually this movie was very pleasing and the Tune Squad was classic and most the voices of the Tune Squad were fun. Zendaya's voice was bareable (Not good by any means) but didn't find myself fussing over it as compared to how the ESPN 30 for 30 displayed Zendaya voice as Lola Bunny so clearly they did some fine tuning in the voice animation department. All around the Looney Tunes save this film. Making it a 2.5 to 3 star movie if I'm being nice. Is it watchable, yes and kids enjoy it, yes. Is it better than the original? Visually and storyline wise. Yes. Lines and acting wise. Nah.

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Space Jam: A New Legacy

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Very much loved. I will say I think Spencer did make a mistake putting his team on blast like that.

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All American

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