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Samantha Curl


Very relatable character. Rooted for her from the beginning. A great recommendation for those who understand the counseling process.

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Books | Christie Tate

Seriously recommend this book! Not sure the author’s writing style was my favorite, but the intrigue comes in the plot and the fact that it’s written backwards! I found it in a second hand book store and couldn’t put it down once I started.

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The October List

Books | Jeffery Deaver

Fantastic book! This book started my love of reading last year following a depression spell. I couldn’t put it down!

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The Woman in the Window

Books | A. J. Finn

Full of intrigue and mystery. This book got me interested in other works by this author. The story was eerie and sad but uplifting at the same time, giving hope and purpose to the characters despite circumstances. Weird and creepy!

Then She Was Gone imageThen She Was Gone image

Then She Was Gone

Books | Lisa Jewell

Just finished this book! Soooo good. It really creeped me out at points, but I could also relate to both Amy and Nick at times throughout the story. A must read for anyone who enjoys crime or psychological thriller/suspense novels!

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Gone Girl

Books | Gillian Flynn

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