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yes I’m here to bless you with some book AND tv recommendations \genre/ : okay this one is obvious; a sweet romance (fantasy optional) \tv/ : IM UP TO THE LAST SEASON OF VAMPIRE DAIRIES OH MY GOD


Cute college romance! I honestly loved Levi, he was so sweet and cute. 400+ pages

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Books | Rainbow Rowell

Emily’s best friend goes missing, but she leaves one thing. A list full of things Emily should complete. Kiss a stranger, go skinny dipping… Emily’s always the shy one while Sloane’s the confident one, how is Emily supposed to do all of this without her? This is a fun summer read that I’ve enjoyed so much! I’ve cried and laughed and the romance is honestly pretty amazing. Just be warned, its a slow book, 400+ pages

Since You've Been Gone imageSince You've Been Gone image

Since You've Been Gone

Books | Morgan Matson

this is a romance. it also contains something like a paranormal backstory. Not my fav but I still really enjoyed it.

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Hush, Hush (Saga Hush, Hush 1)

Books | Becca Fitzpatrick

Not bad but i disliked how they changed the Cinderella story. I’m in love with Cinderella this almost ruined it :( the fantasy plot is still pretty good, and it’s a LGBTQ romance

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Cinderella Is Dead

Books | Kalynn Bayron

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