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Serina Chavez



Absolutely love how this show addresses serious topics in ways easily understood by audiences. Especially loved how they addressed trauma with the male leads and their experiences.

The Boys imageThe Boys image

The Boys

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Kind of went on and on at points but man did I love how this was edited and how they told the story was quite beautiful

Elvis imageElvis image


Movies | Drama

I love cats and this just gave me more insight into their worlds. 10/10

Inside the Mind of a Cat imageInside the Mind of a Cat image

Inside the Mind of a Cat

Movies | Documentary

It was funny and relatable and ridiculous. However it also made me cry so yeahhhh

The Rehearsal imageThe Rehearsal image

The Rehearsal


Beautifully shot and awesome storytelling! Editing is a bit much at times but overall was great.

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Welcome to Wrexham

Shows | Documentary

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