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I read this when I was 11 (I am currently 26) i was hooked on this book i finally remembered the name of the book am looking forward to re-reading

Among the Enemy imageAmong the Enemy image

Among the Enemy

Books | Margaret Peterson Haddix

I loved this author as a teen, It has been a long while since iv read this book but I know I loved it, it deals with alot about self discovery and young romance. Definitely a good weekend read.

No More Dead Dogs imageNo More Dead Dogs image

No More Dead Dogs

Books | Gordon Korman

This movie has so much going for it, for one ROBIN WILLIAMS. and two the story writing and the acting is on point.. you feel everything the main character chris is feeling, I dont get that from many movies. BE WARNED. This movie is very dark at times and deals with suicide and death HEAVILY. Not recommended for those who have mental health battles. However if your looking for a movie to take you on an emotional journey give this movie your attention you wont regret it.Likewise

What Dreams May Come imageWhat Dreams May Come image

What Dreams May Come

Movies | Drama

The ghost and the goth while geared to young readers has some dark and rather romantic undertones, the chemistry between the main characters is adorable.I recommended this book for those looking for a quick but mind gripping page turner. 10/10

The Ghost and the Goth imageThe Ghost and the Goth image

The Ghost and the Goth

Books | Stacey Kade

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