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shondra voss



Fun, entertaining, light hearted and easy to binge, not many episodes available.

Queens of Mystery imageQueens of Mystery image

Queens of Mystery

Shows | Drama

Really REALLY good show! Fun, intriguing, playful and still has just enough drama to keep it awesome! Binge watched all the seasons in just a couple days, WORTH IT!

Frankie Drake Mysteries imageFrankie Drake Mysteries image

Frankie Drake Mysteries

Shows | Drama

Greatest show I have ever seen! This is one of those shows that when you finish an episode, not only are you dying to watch another, but I actually feel happier, calmer and like there is still hope and goodness in this world!

Ted Lasso imageTed Lasso image

Ted Lasso

Shows | Comedy

Hilarious! End of information you need to know. Just watch it!

F is for Family imageF is for Family image

F is for Family

Shows | Comedy

Actions good, storyline is entertaining, some good comedic moments and doesn't drag on and on to get to a point.

DC's Stargirl imageDC's Stargirl image

DC's Stargirl

Shows | Action & Adventure

How can you not like this show?! Hours on current topics in the real world and always says what we are really thinking a lot of the time!

All Rise imageAll Rise image

All Rise

Shows | Drama

Super strong original Sex & the City feel! Drama right off the bat!

And Just Like That… imageAnd Just Like That… image

And Just Like That…


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