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If you like suspense and secrets this movie will not disappoint.

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Movies | Thriller

If you have not seen this series, just stop and go. This was a great series. Go! Now! Lol 😍😝 tell your sister about it, if you have one.

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What would you do for love? If you love mystery stories this one is for you. Watch it with your partner. 😉

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Loving Adults

Movies | Thriller

If you like Romcom this is a movie for you. Who doesn’t like a good fake dating story? I do. Get yourself a glass of wine and a cheese tray while you’re at it. 😉

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Wedding Season

Movies | Comedy

I’m a fan of the Flash. Some of the episodes are predictable but it’s not always about the story. It’s about the little things this show does capture. Family comes first. Friendships are a treasure. Losing a loved is rough. It’s about the emotional moments. Don’t give up on your lightning rod.

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The Flash

Shows | Drama

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