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The start of this book instantly gripped me. Setting up a mystery for what happened to the town of Jerusalem's Lot. In my opinion the most remarkable part of this novel is the way Stephen King quickly created many interesting characters. And the darkest elements of this book to me were the realistic one's. In particular child abuse and sexual assault. Impressively Stephen King went so deep into everyone's messed up life, I was grateful to see a bunch of fanged freaks running around. #salemslot

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'Salem's Lot

Books | Stephen King

Wow Geralt lied about being a gigolo! On a serious note the format of this novel is very unique. Since it's a fantasy series starting with a collection of short stories. However it has one short story weaved throughout the whole novel. This book is rock solid giving the reader a interesting sample of the world of The Witcher. Overall this novel is one I'd certainly recommend, due mostly to the leading man Geralt. Who is a interesting evolution of the stoic bad-ass. #thelastwish #grimdark

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The Last Wish

Books | Andrzej Sapkowski

Just like everyone else I instantly noticed the unique pace. Seemingly written by a kid with ADHD on Cocaine. However unlike a coke head this movie was remarkably well planned and well acted. This film is a special experience that I guarantee will increase your blood pressure, so viewer beware! #uncutgems #adamsandler #safdiebrothers #a24 #comedy #crime #thriller

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Uncut Gems

Movies | Comedy

Fun popcorn flick with a interpretation of vampires similar to that of Nosferatu. Giving this film some unique creature designs and unsettling scenes. In my opinion it doesn't outweigh the predictable plot points, but if you are bored it's a enjoyable enough time. As long as you temper your expectations.

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Blood Red Sky

Movies | Horror

It is a enjoyable introduction into a fantastical Chicago, through the perspective of a lovable dork. Who just happens to be a wizard. #dresdenfiles #jimbutcher #urbanfantasy

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Storm Front

Books | Jim Butcher

This book for me was the opposite of Fool Moon. Since the premise of book 2 was better and the execution was worse. Grave Peril started weak since Harry was battling ghosts. Which in my opinion just isn't interesting to read or watch for that matter. For example I'd way rather watch 28 Days Later than The Nun, since fighting ghosts is either impossible or lame. However when this was dropped to delve deeper into vampire lore it got significantly better. #graveperil #dresdenfiles

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Grave Peril

Books | Jim Butcher

This book gives love to a underrated creature of the night. Giving multiple unique takes on the Lycanthrope. And a scene that was truly horrifying in it's brutal detail. While this book is certainly more unsettling than it's predecessor the plot has suffered. Since the variety of antagonists makes the conflict much more convoluted. Serving as a double edge that does more bad than good. Despite these criticisms the book is still fun and it's still Dresden. #foolmoon #dresdenfiles #jimbutcher

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Fool Moon

Books | Jim Butcher

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