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I'm a 18 year old INFP-A writer. As well as a fantasy and horror fanatic. I enjoy engaging with stories. Fiction helps us to understand reality.


This book is unequivocally tragic and hilarious in equal measures. One feature that I wasn't expecting however, appeared in the final third of this memoir. And this was Frank's honest description of his sexual experiences. Which is something that I never think about, because it feels weird to contemplate. But it was a interesting reminder that previous generations have a lot in common with us. Even in regards to more taboo topics. #angelasanshes #frankmccourt #memoir

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Angela's Ashes

Books | Frank McCourt

Lada is an interesting version of the femme fatale. Not because she uses her sexuality, but in spite of it. Since throughout this novel she is forced to make tough decisions. And in a few key moments her being underestimated gives her the opportunity to triumph. Which is entertaining everytime. #andidarken #kierstenwhite #young_adult_fiction #grimdark #historical_fiction

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And I Darken

Books | Kiersten White

"Look how they massacred my boy." - Vito Corleone So Joe Abercrombie knows how to destroy characters. No one came out of this book unscathed. However he didn't just use the obvious go to of murdering his protagonists. Instead he left his povs alive, but utterly broken. Which is somehow more soul crushing. As they say "there are some fates worse than death". And that's why it's one of the greatest conclusions of any trilogy ever. #lastargumentofkings #joeabercrombie #grimdark #epic_fantasy

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Last Argument of Kings

Books | Joe Abercrombie

A fun seasonal read. That is a bite sized horror book. About a monster that deserves more love. Werewolves for the win. #cycleofthewerewolf #stephenking #horror #werewolves

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Cycle of the Werewolf

Books | Stephen King

Bayaz and his companions go on a grisly quest. And this is a cheat code for me to fall in love with the plot. While this is going on West is battling the northerners and realizing how vicious he truly is. On the other side of the continent Glotka is lying and killing to prevent a city from dying. Abercrombie steps up not only his character development, but also the plot. Each book in this series is better than the one before it. #beforetheyarehanged #joeabercrombie #grimdark #epic_fantasy

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Before They Are Hanged

Books | Joe Abercrombie

"I will bash your ******* brains in." - Jack Torrance. Stephen King used this extraordinary circumstance to flesh out everyday stresses. In the Torrance family there is a variety of issues that has caused a rift between Jack and Wendy. Such as alcoholism, child abuse, and anxiety about raising a child who might be on the spectrum. All of this is exacerbated by the malevolent forces within the Overlook Hotel. Which is why this is such a engaging novel. #theshining #stephenking #horror

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The Shining

Books | Stephen King

Wrath James White wrote a completely twisted monster (Dale McCarthy). Who is intimidating because on the outset he is a pathetic incel. That is blessed with a power, that he abuses to satisfy his carnal urges. Which is a fitting metaphor for power. Since, while it can be used to help humanity. In the hands of the wicked, humanity inevitably suffers. #theressurectionist #wrathjameswhite #horror #splatterpunk

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The Resurrectionist

Books | Wrath James White

Dune has some of the most fascinating world-building I have ever read. Frank Herbert described Arrakis, The Bene Gesserit, and Fremen with such detail, that these elements will permanently be in the back of my head. Inspiring me to craft worlds and environments of my own. Now as a character first reader there are still a few engaging characters. These being: Paul Atreides and his mother Lady Jessica. Who are flawed people that sacrifice their humanity in order to gain political power.#dune #scifi

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Books | Frank Herbert

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