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I started watching these on YouTube at the suggestion of my daughter. She’s a YouTube queen!!! When I got started on my podcast kick, she found this for me so I could listen to it in my car. I love this series. The stories are always so good and they are told so perfectly. The stories are scary and always interesting.

Something Scary imageSomething Scary image

Something Scary

Podcasts | Literature

I’ve been listing to only this podcast for about a month straight. I lied, it may be longer. I’ve listened to a few others from time-to-time but this has been my go to!! The fun part is actually watching the episode afterwards. It’s sort of like watching the movie after reading info the book.

Dateline NBC imageDateline NBC image

Dateline NBC

Podcasts | Society & Culture

Soooo good. These are really good stories of people being spooked. Some are weird, some are weird and scary, and some are extremely terrifying.

Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked imageSnap Judgment Presents: Spooked image

Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked

Podcasts | Performing Arts

I’ve only listed to this a few times. I wanted something for Halloween. It’s a good show. Ashley Flowers is cool.

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers imageSupernatural with Ashley Flowers image

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

Podcasts | Society & Culture

I’m OBSESSED with this series of shows. I fell in love with True Crime Obsessed and I found this. It’s hilarious and I find myself laughing out loud.

Obsessed with: Disappeared imageObsessed with: Disappeared image

Obsessed with: Disappeared

Podcasts | True Crime

OMG!!!! I’ve learned so much from listening to these. We’ve had some seriously crazy and unhinged presidents. Some are freaks (sexual), some are racist, some are mean. It shocked me that Nixon was mean to his wife and he cheated on her. We’ve even had a gay President. Very good show. If you enjoy American Presidential history with a twist, you will enjoy this one.

Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers imageVery Presidential with Ashley Flowers image

Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers

Podcasts | Society & Culture

I really do enjoy this show. The shows are typically pretty long and extremely detailed. It took me a few times to get used to Stephanie’s voice but after a while, it just becomes funny. Her show on YouTube is really good as well. I can’t remember what I found first. I think it was the podcast. At first, I couldn’t stand her voice but my daughter convinced me to try it again but to watch her on YouTube and I did.... Soooooo good.

Rotten Mango imageRotten Mango image

Rotten Mango

Podcasts | True Crime

This show is AMAZING!!!!!! I looovvvveee Patrick and Gillian. Their banter is so funny and it lightens the mood when you’re listening to these awful stories. Patrick’s laugh is my favorite but it won’t be for everyone. You have to give it a shot an then you will find yourself laughing at him laughing. They have really great chemistry, the content is always good, and there aren’t an excessive amount of commercials. I subscribe to their Patreon as well.

True Crime Obsessed imageTrue Crime Obsessed image

True Crime Obsessed

Podcasts | News & Politics

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