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My immediate thought after reading this book was, “this NEEDS to be made into a film.” I love every second of this book and although it took me a little longer (2 weeks) to get through, I must admit this was my favourite read so far! I can’t rent and rave enough about this book. Evelyn’s feistiness was by far my favourite part. As soon as you think her life is getting good- it falls apart. She continues to pick her self back up and she never forgets who she is and who she wants👀 her life was a journey and my heart kept breaking for her- but when we find out about why she chose Monique to write her story… PLOT TWIST!!

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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Books | Taylor Jenkins Reid

This novel was everything but boring! I felt I was constantly wanting to read more, and my prediction on why Sarah was ghosted was everything but wrong! This book was so unpredictable, and had such a huge plot twist that I literally kept reading until I couldn’t read anymore. Sarah and Eddie had a perfect week together- met at a spot that was dear to Sarah’s heart. But why Eddie happened to be at that spot (unless it was a coincidence) was the question for the first half the book. Then when Eddie ghosted Sarah, you are just left wondering WHY he is so mysterious. When we find out exactly why Sarah was ghosted, you are just left with a shattered heart and no hope for the two. Writing this review is really hard without spoiling EVERYTHING. I’ve read many mixed reviews on this book. However, I strongly recommend this book for anyone looking for a true plot twist intertwined with romance. I found this book really easy to get into and it kept me interesting until the last page!

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Books | Rosie Walsh

Chloe and Bennetts wedding day and the build up to it was fun. This novella was one of the better ones in the series.

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Beautiful Beginning

Books | Christina Lauren

First read of the near year in the books! This was a short and light read. Lily’s determination in her career and ability to move past trauma is inspiring and reminds readers to just keep going. Lilys story was fun and for someone who knows nothing about journalling and writing articles- this definitely gave me an insight of all the efforts needed to create a successful news outlet. It was predictable on what would happen with her love interest, Christopher, but I am still here for it. I’m wondering if this book will turn into a series?! I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a light read or for any new reader looking to dive into rom com!

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For Once in My Life

Books | Colleen Coleman

Easy 5 star book for me! I loved the small town description of Wakan and all the characters who make that small town home. What stood out to me was Daniel who was not willing to change for anyone- especially Alexis. How he came is was how you would get him. He was true to himself and stuck strongly to his values and beliefs. You would think having the opportunity to be with someone wealthier and well off, would be an easy sway but not in Daniels case. It was refreshing seeing Alexis break her barriers and grow fond of Wakan and how she did not care about money and wealth at the end of the day. It is so hard not to spoil the entire story, but seriously read this book if you have the chance!

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Part of Your World

Books | Abby Jimenez

Another one in the Beautiful series done! A solid 4 stars for this one as it is perfect amount of spice and romance. I loved the quirkiness of Hanna’s character and how it differed from Chloe & Sara’s character. What I loved about this story was Hanna is so relatable to someone my age. She’s introverted, a homebody and doesn’t really get out regularly. She’s career focused and keen on education- which sounds boring but it’s literally ME😅 I love how she did not change for Will and stuck true to her. Definitely worth a read. Again such a easy read!

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Beautiful Player

Books | Christina Lauren

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