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At first as I read I couldn’t decide if this second book was better than the first. Then I got to the ending. This was a great book, a great story, non stop action. You never know who is on your side and if the long con is going to work. Best ending to a book that I’ve read. The definition of a cliffhanger. Most definitely sticking with the series. I’m hooked.

Golden Son imageGolden Son image

Golden Son

Books | Pierce Brown

Hunger Games meets a violent Hogwarts meets Gladiator meets Total Recall and so on. Lots of elements mixed together to create a pretty great story. I’ve heard the first book is the weakest too. My only complaint would be the lack of detail in the environment. Sometimes it was strong putting me into the world and at other times it faulted and I had to fill in the blanks. Overall great start and great story.

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Red Rising

Books | Pierce Brown

What an incredible story. I’m a novice Sci-Fi reader. Never thought I’d enjoy one so immensely. This book always held my attention and at no point was I bored. The story was very exciting and enjoyable.

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Leviathan Wakes

Books | James S. A. Corey

The third book in the Dark Tower series. The best of the three so far. The second half of this book is very entertaining. Lots of excitement with dangerous foes, obstacles & decisions to be made.

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The Dark Tower III

Books | Stephen King

The second book in The Dark Tower series was an easier story to follow and once again King dragged me into a detail rich environment. I enjoyed the journey much more this time; than the first book. More action packed chapters to keep your interest. However, I haven’t yet decided if this is the best of Kings inventory.

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The Dark Tower II

Books | Stephen King

I only give this a thumbs up, because there is no meh choice. Knowing it’s the beginning of a larger story I won’t be too critical. This book lacked excitement. I had to re-read the last chapter because I felt as if I had missed something. The good part is, like most King stories you can easily imagine yourself in his creative environments. I do like that. It has great detail and pulls you in. It just felt slow, and much like the Gunslinger himself you were just dragging your feet in the dessert sand, and not really getting anywhere. But, that’s how some journeys are. It takes time.

The Dark Tower I imageThe Dark Tower I image

The Dark Tower I

Books | Stephen King

This book is absolutely crazy. The main story and the events surrounding “the beer run” is nuts. Speaking of nuts you got to be a little nuts to pulls this off. I will say the story gets muddy and becomes more of a history lesson than a crazy story of an epic beer run. I’ll also say it’ll help if you are familiar with Vietnam era history to follow along. But, not a must. Great book.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever imageThe Greatest Beer Run Ever image

The Greatest Beer Run Ever

Books | John "Chick" Donohue

Read a lot of reviews that gave this book amazing review. Most said “instant classic”. I’d disagree with that. This book is a good book, but is lacking much to be named classic. However, the author does do a good job of placing you in the environment, and you do feel for the characters. Good book yes. A Tom Sawyer update? Nope. Not even close for me.

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This Tender Land

Books | William Kent Krueger

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