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He develops unique magical abilities that have a very limited sort of scope. Powers are sort of mechanistic, almost scientific. They have this sort of grounding in physics. He then extrapolates on them and creates dynamic interactions with the environment. It tends to be very potent in its impression that it gives because its not based a limitless ambiguous power. It creates a dynamic multifaceted scene where, when the boundaries are exceeded within the rules he has established it is very gratify

The Stormlight Archive, Books 1-3 imageThe Stormlight Archive, Books 1-3 image

The Stormlight Archive, Books 1-3

Books | Brandon Sanderson

One of my favorite fantasy series. So frustrated that the last book of the trilogy has been dangling for years

The Wise Man's Fear imageThe Wise Man's Fear image

The Wise Man's Fear

Books | Patrick Rothfuss

Really cool, unique magic system with epic action sequences. Author also pulls off many beautiful unexpected turns.

Mistborn Trilogy imageMistborn Trilogy image

Mistborn Trilogy

Books | Brandon Sanderson

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