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This was cool but I've heard bad things about it I've also been known to be very forgiving. So if you like queen I would watch this but don't go around acting like you know all about queen because some of this is not accurate it is still a cool story being about one of the coolest bands.

Bohemian Rhapsody imageBohemian Rhapsody image

Bohemian Rhapsody

Movies | Drama

I dont really have much to say I love this movie it is one of my favorite Jack black films. If you like Jack black I would recommend this movie but if you like music this one is all fun but it doesn't really have any cool cameos or nods to music as far as I remember.

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School of Rock

Movies | Comedy

This movie was all right I've never really seen Lady gaga other then the girl in the meat suit but from this movie I think she is alot cooler I still haven't listened to her music same with Bradley Cooper but if you are in to music I would recommend this movie from the era you listen to they have on from the 50s who I dont remember who star in it and one from the 70s with Kris kristoferson and Barbra Streisand that personally is my favorite but I also haven't seen the one in the 50s.

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A Star is Born

Movies | Drama

I love music and this is a great film about an kid who wants to interview a famous band and gets taken along for the whole rock and roll experience with both the rises and falls. I would recommend it for all people but more for music lovers bit this may get you into music too.

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Almost Famous

Movies | Drama

I'm from Minnesota so I like seeing our northern neighbors shows and this is set in a small town in Canada and it is great. There are episodes which I think are pretty bad and some bits I can't stand but all in all I would recommend the first few seasons.

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Shows | Comedy

I'm not finished but it's pretty great so far love the characters and the plot I would recommend

Corner Gas imageCorner Gas image

Corner Gas

Shows | Comedy

One of the best shows of all time just check it out you'll be doing yourself a favor trust me. Watch my name is earl!

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My Name Is Earl

Shows | Comedy

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