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I used to love reading back in elementary school but somewhere along the lines of book reports and English assignments, it became a chore. I recently began reading again within this last year and have rediscovered the love of a good book whether it be my hands and eyes on a page or listening to an audiobook. Novels offer new realities, points of views and other thought provoking feelings and emotions that are different from daily life and sometimes that is truly needed. Happy reading :)


I absolutely loved this book. The deep, dark, and heavy young-love story I read wasn’t something I’d ever encountered in a book before and had a very different feel to it. If felt real and I saw their lives in a movie-like sense the way William’s structured the novel. The connections between the two were beautiful and the book did not disappoint!! P.S. I agree this book would make such a beautiful movie but I know for a fact that a film adaption of this movie would not do it Justice!

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Seven Days in June

Books | Tia Williams

One of the best books I’ve ever read. All the feel-good romance that makes your heart flutter along with the real-life conflicts and worries many deal with. We are deserving.

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The Fastest Way to Fall

Books | Denise Williams

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