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Interesting that this movie in 1958 has a significant subplot that called attention to American #racism. Though there are no black actors. Quite an all star cast however. Though it is a WWII war movie, with some action scenes, the drama and interaction, forming relationships, exploring personal character and culture are equally important. Excellent film.

Kings Go Forth imageKings Go Forth image

Kings Go Forth

Movies | Drama

I’m not sure I’d ever seen this before. No matter, right note I’m just glad I did. Gary Cooper was what caught my eye and the comic aspect too. Reminded of the song, Then Along Came Jones. This movie has everything. And I’m not gonna say it’s perfect, but it’s… kinda perfect. I’ll watch it again.

Along Came Jones imageAlong Came Jones image

Along Came Jones

Movies | Action

Entertaining series with great character interaction and development. Offers suspense with the unfolding plot. Great cast.

Wolf Like Me imageWolf Like Me image

Wolf Like Me

Shows | Comedy

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