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It is what it is.


This movie was very entertaining and lots of fun. #comedy

Eagle vs Shark imageEagle vs Shark image

Eagle vs Shark

Movies | Comedy

Great movie for the young OR young at heart. Very entertaining with lots of varied appeal. Intertwined with the fun are life situations anyone might face. The characters work through issues with a happy conclusion. #family #comic_books #superhero #squirrel #cgi #action #adventure #comedy #fantasy

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Flora & Ulysses

Movies | Family

LOVE the TV show (including the animated series). It’s been called the Canadian‘Seinfeld’ as it the theme song notes, nothin’ is goin’ on — yet the topics and interaction contradict that. The humor is clever. This movie captures the full essence of the TV legacy. #comedy #action

Corner Gas: The Movie imageCorner Gas: The Movie image

Corner Gas: The Movie

Movies | Family

Though it is noted as a #documentary it’s also a #comedy movie to be enjoyed. I’m sure some parts of the factual documentary are embellished. However, you’d also expect that some of what seems outrageous was likely true of those it portrayed. I learned quite a bit about National Lampoon and it’s relation to SNL. Well done, entertaining but also a sad note on the toll taken on the lives of those involved. Highly recommended. BTW, no dogs were harmed in the making of the movie… 😉

A Futile and Stupid Gesture imageA Futile and Stupid Gesture image

A Futile and Stupid Gesture

Movies | Comedy

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