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Willie Klaver



One of the best modern horror movies. The feeling of being followed gets to you pretty quickly.

It Follows imageIt Follows image

It Follows

Movies | Horror

Has some decent scares and some unpredictable moments too.

The Houses October Built imageThe Houses October Built image

The Houses October Built

Movies | Horror

The best one in the series! Very scary at times, but also hilarious at others.

V/H/S/2 imageV/H/S/2 image


Movies | Horror

Not as good as 1 and 2, but there is a few shorts that are worth seeing

V/H/S: Viral imageV/H/S: Viral image

V/H/S: Viral

Movies | Horror

Very unsettling at times, with some great shorts

V/H/S imageV/H/S image


Movies | Thriller

Judd Apatow launched the careers of many actors, which he used frequently in his movies later on. Really captures the time of 1980 high-school.

Freaks and Geeks imageFreaks and Geeks image

Freaks and Geeks

Shows | Comedy

Good continuation of Power, and some familiar faces like Cooper Saxe. Method Man plays a great role as well.

Power Book II: Ghost imagePower Book II: Ghost image

Power Book II: Ghost

Shows | Crime

It's got similarities to shows like the wire, but it's more dramatic. Still, good characters and side characters

Power imagePower image


Shows | Crime

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