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Although it was the epitome of cliche, it played with the cliche in a non cheesy way. I appreciated the red herring throughout the movie, it kept me guessing. It's a perfect classic :)

Scream imageScream image


Movies | Crime

It's such a good movie, genuinely. It's so engaging the whole way through, I'd recommend it to anyone!

Pleasantville imagePleasantville image


Movies | Fantasy

One of my personal favorite movies, I can watch it over and over and still laugh at the jokes

Addams Family Values imageAddams Family Values image

Addams Family Values

Movies | Comedy

It's a wonderful take on the classic Stephen King book

It Chapter Two imageIt Chapter Two image

It Chapter Two

Movies | Horror

Such a great movie, I'd recommend it to anyone looking to experience a classic horror movie

The Shining imageThe Shining image

The Shining

Movies | Horror

The perfect wrap up to a great trilogy, I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a great slasher series for the Halloween season!

Fear Street: 1666 imageFear Street: 1666 image

Fear Street: 1666

Movies | Horror

The story is so easy to follow and the slasher aspect isn't cheesy. It's perfect for someone looking for something new!

Fear Street: 1994 imageFear Street: 1994 image

Fear Street: 1994

Movies | Horror

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