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The murder of a young boy in a small coastal town brings a media frenzy, which threatens to tear the community apart.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2013-03-04

Last Air Date 2017-04-17

Seasons 3

Episodes 24


TMDB 8.0


Renee Morris's profile image

Renee.Morris shared a tip "Excellent series!"

Duck-Duck is My Dog's profile image

duck-duck_is_my_dog shared a tip "One of my favorites."

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meghei shared a tip "Fantastic fantastic show. Kept me on the edge of my seat all three seasons. Dark but beautiful."

Franciska Bakker Sephton's profile image

franciska_bakker_sephton shared a tip "David Tennant is always riveting to watch"

Nikhil Okhade's profile image

nikhil_okhade shared a tip "Gripping"

Madeline Metcalf's profile image

madeline_metcalf shared a tip "Have tissues nearby when watching. This show is so heartbreaking but so good you can't stop watching."

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Oldgray shared a tip "Solid writing; even better acting."

heidi_walz shared a tip "Colman and Tennant are amazing."

Rachel Ward's profile image

texasladyyy shared a tip "Fan-fricken-tastic. That is all, trust me."

carrie_nygard shared a tip "Great British murder mystery in a small town setting"

karen_noble shared a tip "The acting is exquisite"

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nicky_snyder shared a tip "#nickytsuggestsuc"

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robert_watkins_2098 shared a tip "A good who done it"

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sarri_koziol shared a tip "David Tennant is amazing in this series."

steve_caplow shared a tip "Engaging British crime drama"

Pedro Abreu's profile image

pedro_abreu shared a tip "10/10 - Series Finished."

Nascent Ancient's profile image

nascent_ancient shared a tip "So good. Delicious accents. Play with subtitles. Fall into the flow. Slower pace but the payoff is well done."

Katrina Alvarez's profile image

katrina_alvarez_1329 shared a tip "The first series (season) was the best."

Cha Rodriguez's profile image

cha_rodriguez shared a tip "I wish there was more to watch. Binged the whole thing."

Brinda Cole's profile image

brinda_cole shared a tip "I only gave it a chance because of Olivia Colman. IT IS SO BINGEWORTHY!"

cathi_cunnion shared a tip "Better than the American version. Totally"

Cathie Krzywon's profile image

cathie_krzywon shared a tip "Amazing thriller, keeps you gueasing until the end."

kristine__7415 shared a tip "If you loved Broad church, try Happy Valley!"

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sharon_pirro shared a tip "Great"

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sharon_pirro shared a tip "Saw this it was good"

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michelle_shapiro_3490 shared a tip "Closed captioning on bc his Scottish accent is very strong lol"

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starkdameron shared a tip "THIS SHOW IS SO PRETTY AND SO GOOD"

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stephanie_brown_3329 shared a tip "Love this!"

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debra_brunson shared a tip "I binged this show in a weekend."

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ryan_harter_6203 shared a tip "You’ll like it"

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ryan_harter_6203 shared a tip "Among the best of its genre currently available to stream"

janet_gay shared a tip "Love it"

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joanne_haberlin shared a tip "Really loved this show.. Gutted there's only three seasons"

susan_vines shared a tip "One of the best"

Adrienne Lewis's profile image

adrienne_lewis_5956 shared a tip "engrossing who done it. captivating. edge of my seat"

tina_squire shared a tip "Real characters that you can rekate to. Top acting and always a twist and suspense right to the end"

amber_keesee shared a tip "Slowburn and wistful, but David Tennant and Olivia Coleman deliver amazing performances."

Candyce Swinson's profile image

candyce_swinson_7971 shared a tip "Loved it! Olivia Colman was brilliant!#broadchurch"

JoAnn Vroman DePauw's profile image

joann_vroman_depauw shared a tip "Great"

amy_johnson_2624 shared a tip "Hardy and Miller were easy to get attached to...wanted to see them succeed!"

Alysa Visnesky's profile image

alysa_visnesky shared a tip "It’s slow at times but a true shocker when you find out “who done it”"

Samantha Rochefort's profile image

samantha_rochefort shared a tip "Awesome. Wish I had watched it earlier. It has been on Netflix for a while now."

Jessie Matthiesen's profile image

jessie_matthiesen shared a tip "One of the best acted British TV dramas"

CeCee McMore  's profile image

ceemac1806 shared a tip "I highly recommend watching this show! It is so good!"

Vicki Breitmayer's profile image

vicki_breitmayer shared a tip "Good show"

Vicky Burnett-Hamilton's profile image

vicky_burnett-hamilton shared a tip "Binge watched this one. Great show"

Drew Jennings's profile image

drew_jennings shared a tip "Perfect for British crime series lovers"

Will Cooper's profile image

will_cooper shared a tip "If you love British crime dramas. The first season is the best, and solves a season-long murder mystery."

Alicia Corts's profile image

alicia_corts shared a tip "Great show to stay up late to watch all the way through"

erin__9122 shared a tip "The first two series are incredibly strong."

Emily Julian's profile image

emily_julian_631 shared a tip "Oof. Hard question. It's also been a while since I've watched it. You?"

Renee Birchfield's profile image

renee_birchfield shared a tip "Great show. Each season has such a good plot and keeps you guessing until the end."

Amanda Obert's profile image

amanda_obert shared a tip "Awesome binge worthy, addicting whodunit show!"

Lynda DuPuis's profile image

lynda_dupuis shared a tip "I really love the interaction between the investigators but I think I like Ellie the most"

Karen Hatch's profile image

karen_hatch shared a tip "Binging all of the British crime shows. In love with the writing!"

Piper Parker-Pearson's profile image

piper_parker-pearson shared a tip "Loved the suspense and drama. I love crime stories"

Caleb White's profile image

cleeb shared a tip "First season is long, drawn out, dreary, and utterly british in the best way possible. The rest of it's meh."

Lance Nuckolls's profile image

lance_nuckolls shared a tip "Didn't care for the last season, first two were great."

john_myers_481 shared a tip "Brilliantly cast and acted."

Kristine Speroni's profile image

kristine_speroni shared a tip "Had me at the edge of my seat. Season 2 wasn’t very good but I enjoyed season 3. Wish there were more seasons"

Michelle 's profile image

michelle_7616 shared a tip "One of my absolute favourite shows! It's so well done!"

Crystal July's profile image

crystal_july shared a tip "Well told story. Smart and unpredictable."

Heather McGraw's profile image

heather_mcgraw shared a tip "Amazing cast, the story is awesome.... Def recommend!"

Lissette Garcia's profile image

lizzy_gee shared a tip "Addictive."

Dorottya Szabó's profile image

dorottya_szaboo shared a tip "Only the first two seasons, though."

john_woodson shared a tip "Great"

Heather DulliDulli's profile image

heather_dullidulli shared a tip "Binge worthy"

carmela_doctor shared a tip "Greatest mini series ever!"

ashley_kochany shared a tip "One of my favorite mysteries! So good, I’ve watched it twice!"

Jennifer Collins's profile image

jennifer_collins_8074 shared a tip "Excellent small town, British crime drama. Emotional and full of twists."

Kimberly Bowlin's profile image

kasb2020 shared a tip "Excellent!!!"

tricia_f14 shared a tip "I think it is."

Laura Major's profile image

laura_major shared a tip "I enjoy binging this."

susannah_fishman shared a tip "Best show ever!"

laura_gessert_5192 shared a tip "Excellent writing and acting on this show."

Alan Girton's profile image

alan_girton shared a tip "Season 1 was fantastic!"

Alexa Winchell's profile image

alexa_winchell shared a tip "The 2nd last, and last episode, of season one...blew me away. You?"

Kristi Evans-Henry's profile image

kristi_evans-henry shared a tip "Dark, but the 1% humor keeps you watching #millar"

kath 🧚🏻‍♀️'s profile image

kathneverland shared a tip "I loved seasons 1&2. Season 3 was really bland so I recommend stopping after s2"

jacqueline_massaro shared a tip "Best show ever."

Danielle Norrbom's profile image

danielle_norrbom shared a tip "This was a gem!"

Claire Alpern Meidroth's profile image

claire_alpern_meidr shared a tip "Quite simply the perfect show. Incredible, heart-rending writing, acting, and location."

nicole_mcgimpsey shared a tip "Kept me guessing till the end."

diana_albie shared a tip "Really good character development"

Chantel Matty's profile image

chantel_matty shared a tip "This is a binge worthy show"

kristen_sweeney_2705 shared a tip "Completed series February 2021"

frank_gadsden shared a tip "Absolutely incredible and criminally underrated, I cannot recommend this series enough. Stellar!"

theshma gv's profile image

theshma_gv shared a tip "This really is bingeworthy"

Abby Kline's profile image

abbykline__ shared a tip "Amazing show!!"

barbara_whiteside shared a tip "What an great show , great May and performances"

lindsay_marie_3622 shared a tip "It was compelling from start to finish!"

Stephanie Hill's profile image

stephanie_hill_9237 shared a tip "@gloria_montes I love the second season! You?"

Margaret Beighley's profile image

margaret_beighley shared a tip "Not your typical murder mystery! So good."

LeeAnn Erwine's profile image

leeann_erwine shared a tip "I like the original British version. There was also an American version starring David Tennant, but it was not as good."

Tracy Adams's profile image

tkadams shared a tip "There are so many! Bridgeton, Designated Survivor, The Queen's Gambit, The Crown, Virgin River"

jamie_dennin shared a tip "Amazing actors, love the accents, suspense, leaves you hanging and great to binge!"

hallie_4235 shared a tip "David Tennant"

darlene_tait shared a tip "Performances, storylines"

Pebbles Williams's profile image

pebbles_williams shared a tip "The Killing is a great series too. Quite dark, but one of my faves."

Cheechako Vilagi's profile image

cheechako_vilagi shared a tip "Small town secrets, David Tennant and Olivia Colman are killer.#davidtennant #oliviacolman"

cheryl_boughton_8435 shared a tip "Keeps you in suspense right until the end."

Rock Higgins's profile image

rock_higgins shared a tip "Great characters, compelling story"

Karla Durrant's profile image

karla_durrant shared a tip "The first season is amazing! It’s a slow build but so worth it"

Kimberly Sexton's profile image

kimberly_sexton_1757 shared a tip "Loved this. Binged quickly"

whittysunnymama shared a tip "One of my favorite shows!!"

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