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Robert Durst, scion of one of New York’s billionaire real estate families, has been accused of three murders but never convicted. Brilliant, reclusive, and the subject of relentless media scrutiny, he’s never spoken publicly—until now. During interviews with Andrew Jarecki, he reveals secrets of the

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2015-02-08

Last Air Date 2015-03-15

Seasons 1

Episodes 6


TMDB 8.0


Smeeta 's profile image

smeeta shared a tip "May be one of the best true crime docs. Appalling!"

Rhon 's profile image

wine_bar shared a tip "Those last ten minutes of the final episode😱😱😱"

Lo Barker's profile image

LoBarker shared a tip "This is worth every second !!! Nail biter!"

taylor_devenuto shared a tip "10/10. I’ve watched this one multiple times and I recommend it to everyone."

Candice Yesk's profile image

candice_yesk shared a tip "Creepy!"

Chastidy Cuevas's profile image

chastidy_cuevas shared a tip "@RicoLoveDinero seen this!?? The end is wild."

Chastidy Cuevas's profile image

chastidy_cuevas shared a tip "Please do! Documentaries are my fav."

Isabel Becerra's profile image

isabel_becerra shared a tip "A rich fella with deep pockets who could afford to be on the run until he slipped up"

Alexandra Raupers's profile image

alexandra_raupers shared a tip "One of the VERY best docs for sure"

April Simmons's profile image

april_simmons shared a tip "Best crime doc I've seen. Can't beat the end!"

Katie Sorensen's profile image

katie_sorensen shared a tip "My favorite doc of all time"

eric_grimes shared a tip "My favorite true crime docuseries of all time."

kelly_dziech shared a tip "Best ending of any doc I have ever seen!"

watch shared a tip "Absolutely incredible. One of the first things I binged watched. Highly recommend. Everyone loves it."

Holly Traynor's profile image

holly_traynor shared a tip "Creepy and addictive"

Cheri Thiele's profile image

cheri_thiele shared a tip "Best true crime docuseries EVER!"

Susan P's profile image

suzycatq shared a tip "#favorites"

shay_johnson_1368 shared a tip "Wild story."

frank_gadsden shared a tip "Unreal. A true crime fan missing out on this series is like a horror fan missing out on Stephen King."

Albert Skretka's profile image

albert_skretka shared a tip "Liked it. A bit shocked. Don't have Crave anymore though."

marie-eve_lefebvre_3050 shared a tip "Amazing !!!"

madalyn_perrotti shared a tip "This documentary series is insanely captivating. You will be hooked throughout and the ending will absolutely shock you."

karen_chetty shared a tip "Absolutely!"

Mindy McGrath's profile image

mindy_mcgrath shared a tip "It's a documentary"

Courtney McClain's profile image

courtney_mcclain shared a tip "This is so good I can't stop watching it ive watched it several times"

Carmela Dodd's profile image

carmela_dodd shared a tip "Watched with my sister over a wknd, it was good and we still talk about it."

Denise Logan's profile image

denise_logan shared a tip "Creepy but fascinating"

Kristina Tapper's profile image

kristina_tapper_1368 shared a tip "Must see documentary!"

Yvee Hopkins's profile image

yvee_hopkins shared a tip "Best twist at the end."

Ange Bauzer's profile image

ange_bauzer shared a tip "Jawdropper!"

marian_goodell shared a tip "good short series. sad decline"

kerry_seng shared a tip "Couldn’t stop of the quickest binges."

d._9486 shared a tip "Deeply disturbing."

Tricia Taylor's profile image

sbtricia shared a tip "Mind-blowing, and the end...just wow."

ashlee_kusterer shared a tip "Absolute MUST watch!! The ending is mind blowing."

Kristin Fabry's profile image

kristin_fabry shared a tip "It is true and absolutely crazy. The documentary helped solve the crime."

Derek Jordan's profile image

derek_jordan_8395 shared a tip "Creeeeeepy"

Driving playlist Lynn's profile image

driving_playlist_ly shared a tip "Watch without looking into story, don't let spoilers ruin it! I watched it with no idea about who Durst was, kept me hooked."

whitney_willis shared a tip "It’s just one season, a mini documentary"

deborah_howell_8634 shared a tip "This is such a great example of how the rich might be held to a different standard."

Cherie Wakefield's profile image

cherie_wakefield shared a tip "Just Wow!"

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