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In a place where young witches, vampires, and werewolves are nurtured to be their best selves in spite of their worst impulses, Klaus Mikaelson’s daughter, 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson, Alaric Saltzman’s twins, Lizzie and Josie Saltzman, among others, come of age into heroes and villains at The Salvat

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2018-10-25

Last Air Date 2021-04-15

Seasons 3

Episodes 45


TMDB 8.6


Sherri Arney's profile image

sherri_hodges shared a tip "Syfy fans this is a must see! Love this tv show!!"

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amelia_v. shared a tip "Not as good to me personally as TVD and The Originals but still kind of entertaining, better for a younger crowd"

Jolena Owens's profile image

jolena967 shared a tip "My new favorie"

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tabitha_holbert shared a tip "The vampire diaries spin offs are always great"

Izzie Watson's profile image

izzie_watson shared a tip "spin off of the originals and the vampire diaries"

Frederick Jameson's profile image

frederick_jameson shared a tip "Was a great spinoff of vampire diaries"

OhMy_Gacha 's profile image

ohmy_tv shared a tip "If you like watching TVD or the originals, here is a good thing one"

Raecole Moore's profile image

raecole_moore shared a tip "Hope of course but I love her dad😍"

Ellen K. Weissman, Psy.D.'s profile image

ellen_k. shared a tip "Love this show!"

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landon_kirby shared a tip "It’s awesome and plus it’s how vampires should be portrayed"

Kimberly Rolen Nelson's profile image

tv_fan_grl shared a tip "Great show! I love that they stay true to their parent shows Vampire Diaries and Originals."

Crystal Mayo's profile image

crystal_mayo shared a tip "I would say Lizzy"

reagan_stanfill shared a tip "If you have watched TVD or the Originals, this show is for you"

booboo shared a tip "Very good actually but you must watch vampire diaries and the originals to be able to understand legacies"

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aspen_nicole315 shared a tip "It is the spin off of the originals which is the spin off of the vampire diaries."

heather_jordan_2163 shared a tip "I was skeptical at first, but this is a great show!!!!"

arneilys_rodriguez shared a tip "if you wanna watch this one you have to watch TVD and TO (the originals ) first!"

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movie_book.lover shared a tip "I loved how it was like magical."

Destiny Sierra's profile image

destiny_sierra shared a tip "8/10"

Allison Giselle Juarez Valente's profile image

allison_giselle_juarez_valente shared a tip "Hope"

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emilee_kay shared a tip "AWSOME"

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simply_jazz shared a tip "It’s an amazing spin off. Y’all should watch it."

layla_7746 shared a tip "No I think all the episodes are very interesting"

Dezzy McLeish's profile image

dezzy_mcleish shared a tip "Supernatural"

ashlynn_5280 shared a tip "I thought it was pretty good"

Sophie Romero's profile image

sophie_romero shared a tip "This never lets you get bored"

Tara Turpen's profile image

tara_turpen shared a tip "OMG!!!! Legacies!!!!!! My favorite show!!"

arieanna_jackson shared a tip "1,3 you"

Tabitha Hicks's profile image

tabitha_hicks_6565 shared a tip "This is like the best show ever..."

damian_hernandez_6429 shared a tip "The last episode of season one its a nice transition to the next season"

Bridget McCullough's profile image

bridget_mccullough shared a tip "I was a huge TVD fan and this is exactly what I hoped for in a modern day spinoff. Amazing on all levels!"

sage silva's profile image

sage_silva shared a tip "It'S it's a amazing movie it's drama Fantasy it's romantic, and there's two seasons."

Cheyenne Davis's profile image

cheyenne_davis_909 shared a tip "Bring a box of tissues. I love them. I hope they add the Grimm kiddos to the cast next season.#scifi_and_fantasy #legacies #hope"

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kaitlyn_ellis shared a tip "This show is simply the best theres no other way to put it."

Cady Bestor's profile image

cady_bestor shared a tip "Vampire diaries, then originals, then legacies🙏🏼"

Nayla Maczuzak's profile image

nayla_maczuzak shared a tip "Enjoyable. Again, not mind riveting, but if you enjoyed Vampire Diaries and The Originals, then this is worth the watch as well."

Kaelee 's profile image

k.rush28 shared a tip "Its littey the best show ever!"

Kaelee 's profile image

k.rush28 shared a tip "It was litteraly the best show ever and is probably going to be my favorite of all time! I cant wait for season 3!!!!"

shania_9714 shared a tip "Best"

leander Cooper's profile image

leander_cooper shared a tip "I like this takes too long for new seasons to begin on CW"

Dwayne Benavidez's profile image

dwayne_benavidez shared a tip "Don’t know"

shay__5914 shared a tip "You have to watch vampire diarys and the originals to get into this .👍❤"

rebecca_kane shared a tip "This is a spin off of Vampire Diaries. Watch Vampire Diaries first to be familiar with characters."

nicole_8589 shared a tip "You need to watch The Vampire Diaries and The Originals to understand legacies. Anyways go watch it on Netflix!"

Ali Renae's profile image

ali_renae shared a tip "1000000000/10"

lema_tohnay shared a tip "Um no because they are all so good"

Elizabeth Jenkin's profile image

elizabeth_jenkin shared a tip "I just watched it, so good!"

Jazmin Stowe's profile image

jazmin_stowe shared a tip "Probably Alaric. Who’s yours?"

leilana_telfer shared a tip "its a food show if you like tvd and to"

lazy_ 685's profile image

lazy__685 shared a tip "it's a really good show"

Tamir Mink's profile image

tamir. shared a tip "Very good but worth seeing only after more episodes will come out"

Jase Oz's profile image

jase_oz shared a tip "Thai show is my favorite of all time highly recommend"

shianne whitaker's profile image

shianne_whitaker shared a tip "i watch this entire show like 3 times its freaking amazing"

April 's profile image

april_richard5 shared a tip "Legacies is one of my favorite series that I’m watching you should check it out!"

Heather Odonnell's profile image

heather_odonnell_8262 shared a tip "Vampire"

Emma Johnson's profile image

emma_johnson_283 shared a tip "I loved this show!!! There was so much suspense and it really kept me on my toes. The best I’ve seen by far"

marlana robertson's profile image

marlana_robertson shared a tip "#drama #romance #horror #family"

Yamilka Velasquez's profile image

yamilka_velasquez shared a tip "On Netflix"

breanna_summers_261 shared a tip "I love legacies I have been watching it for about a week and every episode just gets better and better. Such a great show."

lea_owens shared a tip "Its good"

Michelle Mendenhall's profile image

michelle_mendenhall_4444 shared a tip "a spin off from the originals and is pretty good not ass good as the originals yet but definitely has potential"

Ava Jetton's profile image

ava_jetton shared a tip "Great for people who have seen the originals and vampire diaries"

Annastacia Fearon's profile image

annastacia_fearon shared a tip "#best_of_all_time"

Diyonne Summers's profile image

diyonne_summers shared a tip "You should not watch this until after you finish the Originals."

jamari_1680 shared a tip "YESDSDSS"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1610839596971 shared a tip "This is a must after the vanpire diaries and the originals!"

Krystle Ales's profile image

krystle_ales shared a tip "I've watched all 3 series. I loved Klaus the most. For legacies it has to be Lizzie, Kaleb and Milton"

Girls 's profile image

girls shared a tip "It was amazing"

Emily Reed's profile image

emily_reed_5985 shared a tip "I love how you can really see Klaus become more loveable and a person who is becomibg easuer to love than to hate"

jasmine_fernandez_7124 shared a tip "This show is so amzaing"

laura_jones_2600 shared a tip "I binged the series over a couple of weekends ago the whole thing was really enjoyable!"

Laura Killeen's profile image

laura_killeen shared a tip "Love the show but hate Landon. Hope should be a strong independent woman with awesome powers."

Maddie Carter's profile image

maddie_carter_8863 shared a tip "Absolutely obsessed with it from the depth of the characters to the struggles they face and especially their triumphs!"

cami_parker shared a tip "Amazing"

griselle_rivera_3253 shared a tip "Best show on Netflix"

kimira_denis_black shared a tip "Amazing #netflix"

hdkdk shared a tip "Love it"

Cassidy Searle's profile image

cassidy_searle shared a tip "Pretty good there’s always something happening so I never get bored with it"

Lauren Cravens's profile image

lauren_cravens shared a tip "Love teen drama!"

Kallie Smith's profile image

kallie_smith shared a tip "Yeah, I really like merlin."

Payton 's profile image

payton_6088 shared a tip "At first I only started to watch it because of hope but every one has grown on me and I like the dynamic of the "super squad"."

Elizabeth Garcia's profile image

e.garcia.o shared a tip "It’s about love, friendship, family, life."

Gigi 's profile image

vanilla shared a tip "loved it and how it showed hope and her struggles along with her and ric’s father daughter relationship"

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