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I am fond of writing, it's one of my greatest passions, I'm able to explore it here, which I love. My interests; Skyrim(Video Games), Classic 80's Metal, Music in General, Movies, Writing, Outdoors. Who am I? Animal Lover, Voluntary Loner, Peace Maker. I love to laugh, I'm sort of funny sometimes. 💜 Looking forward to sharing my favorite films and series' with you and in exchange discovering yours as well! ~Maddie


Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller are such an unexpected combination but together they truly are one of the greatest duos of all time. Trust me. Just an incredible duo.

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Meet the Fockers

Movies | Comedy

As you watch the three of these you fall in love with the characters and the dynamic of this family. It's not only hilarious, but also heartwarming as you watch something special be built from nothing and you bare witness to the father in law and son in law's relationship evolve through the years. Truly an incredible franchise. One of the greatest comedies and heartwarmers ever.

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Little Fockers

Movies | Comedy

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