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I am fond of writing, it's one of my greatest passions, I'm able to explore it here, which I love. My interests; Skyrim(Video Games), Classic 80's Metal, Music in General, Movies, Writing, Outdoors. Who am I? Animal Lover, Voluntary Loner, Peace Maker. I love to laugh, I'm sort of funny sometimes. 💜 Looking forward to sharing my favorite films and series' with you and in exchange discovering yours as well! ~Maddie


Talk about a relevant emotional roller coaster. True horror of dating in this century. A genuine and raw account of the mind games and manipulation some people are capable of. And how two seemingly "okay" individuals can either bring out the best in each other, or the absolute worst. The addictive substance that is the chemical bonds our brains produce with the right person, and how euphorically wonderful, or devastatingly deadly those chemicals can be.

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Tell Me Lies

Shows | Drama

This show has one hell of a backbone with an emotional intensity that pulls those deep beautiful emotions lost somewhere from within. Riveting plot that keeps you interested in learning the mystery, characters stories you fall in love with and feel for. It doesn't tell you to empathize, it shows you. Most with a mystery lose their flavor after that mystery has come to light and you understand its' origin. A mystery is tricky, by completely losing its' credibility once the questions are answered, this show doesn't only leave you with questions, it pleases your senses and fulfills a need you didn't know you even had. The stories these characters have to tell are truly what keeps you motivated to discover the mystery, suddenly the mystery of a mystery means much less than the depth of the plot.

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Shows | Drama

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