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soapy and really wild but absolutely amazing. feels like a sorta mix between the good doctor, house md, scrubs and jane the virgin.

New Amsterdam imageNew Amsterdam image

New Amsterdam

Shows | Drama

this was quite interesting. pure south park nostalgia bringing back memories of the often forgotten movie. but on the negative flipside I really felt like trey parker was using most of his energy literally trolling the audience that is cheering for him. quite a fun albeit weird experience glad I was just watching it and not in person in the crowd.

South Park: The 25th Anniversary Concert imageSouth Park: The 25th Anniversary Concert image

South Park: The 25th Anniversary Concert


star trek underwater! highly underrated sci-fi sleeper series.

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seaQuest DSV

Shows | Action & Adventure

high stakes time based film. edgy postmodernism. casting may not be great but they make it work.

In Time imageIn Time image

In Time

Movies | Action

even better than I was expecting. It's hilarious and sorta trippy. only problem I have with the film is audio quality and frame rate. the audio felt a little flat and they really should have filmed in ultra high frame rate it really would have made the plastic pop. 24fps just felt extremely laggy during even remotely fast or complicated scenes. 8/10

The Lego Movie imageThe Lego Movie image

The Lego Movie

Movies | Adventure

I don't have a favorite film but when asked my first thought is often this movie. probably because of replayability and the relaxed south cal stoner vibes I get off the film.

Grandma's Boy imageGrandma's Boy image

Grandma's Boy

Movies | Comedy

such interesting family sitcom dynamics. shame the show was canceled so soon.

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The Real O'Neals

Shows | Comedy

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