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A spin-off from The Vampire Diaries and set in New Orleans, The Originals centers on the Mikaelson siblings, otherwise known as the world's original vampires: Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah. Now Klaus must take down his protégé, Marcel, who is now in charge of New Orleans, in order to re-take his city,

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2013-10-03

Last Air Date 2018-08-01

Seasons 5

Episodes 92


TMDB 8.6


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shemdani shared a tip "Nice spinoff from Vampire Diaries. Making supernatural a commodity 😎"

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sherri_hodges shared a tip "If you liked The Vampire Diaries you will LOVE this show!"

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beadzombie shared a tip "Watch after The Vampire Diaries"

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katrice_masters shared a tip "Action packed"

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jolena967 shared a tip "Awesome spinoff"

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jolena967 shared a tip "Awesome spinoff"

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jolena967 shared a tip "Awesome spinoff"

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jolena967 shared a tip "Awesome spinoff"

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aylin_j shared a tip "Klaus 😍 Always and forever!"

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jewellia_voss shared a tip "Watched this so many times. I love every single twist of it"

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pyper_moretz shared a tip "This is a Vampire Diaries spinoff, I also recommend Legacies."

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learah shared a tip "Devina and Kol are the best couple and I Stan that."

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winters_girls shared a tip "It's a really good TV show it's about life or death"

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morgan_donoghue shared a tip "I like the vampires and the orginals storyline and the romance"

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tv_fan_grl shared a tip "LOVED this show! One of the best finales ever!"

good_vibes_2452 shared a tip "If you like tv shows with vampires,werewolfs , and witches you will love this show."

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avarey_adams shared a tip "ahh! that’s a really hard one. probably Klaus:) just because i see the good in everyone lol"

arvaya_potts shared a tip "Good if u want a show with drama and romance and a little horror"

kulraj_sandhu shared a tip "@amy_dawson I can’t chose they are all so perfect in their own ways and have their own interesting stories."

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nataly_castro_1272 shared a tip "Elijah, what is yours?"

dominique_ratcliff shared a tip "Hurt my heart mostly because I didn’t want it to end and I’ve watched this and vampire diaries I was very upset that they ended"

giavanna_2411 shared a tip "It was good and I’m starting the spin off- legacies"

jedida_mcmahan shared a tip "One of my all I'm favorites you will definitely love it if you like Supernatural stuff."

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annaxrebekah shared a tip "watch it."

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kaydin_calderon shared a tip "The characters honestly made you think and the story was amazing"

alexis_martin_2836 shared a tip "Klaus and Elijah - name a better duo."

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gloria_arbulu shared a tip "All time favorite no doubts"

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andy_capp shared a tip "Love vampire diaries follow the story of Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson and the original vampire family."

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elvia_monica shared a tip "Witches, vampires, and werewolf’s... what else can you ask for"

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aspen_nicole315 shared a tip "It is so good!"

arneilys_rodriguez shared a tip "really good but watch it after you watch TVD.( the vampire diaries )"

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destiny_sierra shared a tip "I love this I have not finished it but I give it a9/10 "

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lucy_keith shared a tip "It made me cry countless timea. Definitely recommend"

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simply_jazz shared a tip "An amazing spinoff. Plz watch it."

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josie_van-eck shared a tip "Season 1 episode 10. The casket girls. It’s very empowering."

maddi_2676 shared a tip "Klaus"

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taylor_salter shared a tip "You can watch this show on Netflix and if you've watch TVD I'd start on season two for thus show."

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ashley_elliott_1526 shared a tip "Hope and Klaus "

ashlynn_5280 shared a tip "Klaus"

sandra_duran_1995 shared a tip "I think it’s better than TVD"

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tara_turpen shared a tip "Love the whole TVD universe! Such an amazing show."

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tvlover234 shared a tip "If you’ve watched TVD give it a try ( it’s better )"

marco_barraza shared a tip "Drama"

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courtney_cave shared a tip "😍"

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taylor_rae_9840 shared a tip "Love this show so much words can't explain."

safari_frazier shared a tip "🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍"

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landri_pick shared a tip "just finished the vampire diaries so decided to watch this so far it's really good"

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missus_robinson shared a tip "Probably I love you, Goodbye from S2"

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k.rush28 shared a tip "One of the best shows ever made! Way better than the Vampire Diaries!"

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jada_caudillo shared a tip "great show to binge!!"

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amber_jones_877 shared a tip "It's been awhile I really couldn't say which episode is my fave . Lol"

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helena04 shared a tip "yay!"

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beverly__ellzey_ shared a tip "Love this show and hate it was cancelled!!"

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cali_campbell shared a tip "Amazing show gets boring sometimes but it’s really good"

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shabby shared a tip "If you like vampires, watch now"

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carlina_fernicola shared a tip "Great show"

michelle_6612 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this show! My favourite."

zhouhana shared a tip "I really liked the episode where they found out that they all have an older sister."

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emily_waddell shared a tip "Watch their spin off - Legacies (On the CW and Netflix)!"

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nightmare_2000 shared a tip "Just an amazing show you cant stop yourself from getting attached the characters even made me cry"

serenity_charles shared a tip "I would very much recommend If you have already watched vampire diaries, this is the spin-off of it about the original vampires."

angel_scott shared a tip "Such a good watch if your into the magical vampire werewolf stuff. One of my favorite shows I ever watched."

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drixppy.lit shared a tip "This is good it’s similar to the vampire diaries"

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julia_lovely shared a tip "If you miss TVD it’s great to fill your time and to binge"

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carol_3935 shared a tip "YESSS"

marvonn_roe shared a tip "Everything"

mckenna_kehoe shared a tip "Awesome show!!!!"

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deleted_user_1603229208519 shared a tip "sex"

mya_kirby shared a tip "#drama #family #romance #klaus #hotties"

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ann_njuguna shared a tip "Yes its amazing"

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stephanie_coffy shared a tip "I thought the show had a good ending that goes along with the plot but I wasn't happy that one of my favorite characters died"

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christina_chafe shared a tip "I like season two the best, but the last episode of the series is so good. And heartbreaking"

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miyaachinoo shared a tip "GREAT SHOW!! you’ll love!!!"

coconuts__ shared a tip "Love this show, the first few episodes are a little boring but if you just keep watching you are going to love it"

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jessica_russell_8091 shared a tip "Klaus!"

i_Love_TVD shared a tip "Love this show😩"

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krisdeanna_griffin shared a tip "This is the best show out of the series!!! Klaus 🥰🥰🥰"

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lulu_manicore shared a tip "I love the originals;)"

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jose_guzman_8265 shared a tip "Really good show way better then vampire dairies must watch"

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elizabeth_murphy_6279 shared a tip "Its a good show and i really like watching it"

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lamya_smith shared a tip "Klaus"

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amaya_urbano shared a tip "This show is so beautiful the story is amazing. I barely cry during shiws and this hand me balling tears 😂"

thjnj_hkjkik_kkvty shared a tip "Love it so much 🤩"

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dashti_dara shared a tip "Its was rally good"

yoaris_cruz shared a tip "At the end of the show your going to cry a lot ."

leilana_telfer shared a tip "there was always something going on so it was never boring"

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cheyaine_bruneing shared a tip "So much drama"

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marsir_lindsey shared a tip "Love it"

adelyn_campbell shared a tip "LITERALLY THE MOST PERFECT SHOW IN MY OPINION"

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zee_dae shared a tip "So far so boring sorry...."

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oven-bakedpretzels__ shared a tip "It’s like Vampire Diaries meets Suupernatural meets Twilight. . . Does that makes sense?"

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diyonne_summers shared a tip "Oh my god! I hated when this ended. Amazing show"

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