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A documentary-style look into the daily (or rather, nightly) lives of a group of vampires in Staten Island who have “lived” together for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2019-03-27

Last Air Date 2021-09-16

Seasons 3

Episodes 30


TMDB 7.7


Adam Tratt's profile image

adamtr shared a tip "If you like flight of the concords and waiting for guffman... this."

Tracey Tracey's profile image

tracey_tracey shared a tip "Love this"

Brenna Hansen's profile image

brenna_hansen_8288 shared a tip "This is one of the only shows to ever make me lol irl"

Cliff Caporale's profile image

cliff_caporale shared a tip "Beyond excellent."

Abigayle Hansen's profile image

abilyn13 shared a tip "Such a good show!!"

Faye Pyatt's profile image

inutrasha shared a tip "An amazing show that lives up to the movie! I love this show, and I can't wait for season 3. A good show to watch when you're sad"

David Francis's profile image

david_francis_3013 shared a tip "“The office” type comedy. Funny take on the life of vampires."

Gwendolyn Greer's profile image

gwendolyngreer shared a tip "D: S1 E 1,7,10; A: S1E7"

Freemon Jackson's profile image

freemon_jackson shared a tip "Hilarious!"

Pat Pettite's profile image

pat_pettite shared a tip "Best show ever"

Patricia Puckett's profile image

patricia_puckett shared a tip "So hilarious! Absolutely the best!"

Minnow 's profile image

neitherness shared a tip "Taiwan Waititi said all vampires are bisexual morons, and he was right"

Marissa Hernandez's profile image

marissa_hernandez_2096 shared a tip "Season 2 just came out!"

Tracey Jaye's profile image

tracey_jaye shared a tip "Great idea!"

Huskyluvr Offline's profile image

huskyluvr shared a tip "My dad and I watch this together all the time and are constantly quoting it to eachother. Its great"

Samone Sorensen's profile image

samone_sorensen shared a tip "Easily one of the most genius comedies on TV right now."

Mark Bloomstein's profile image

mark_bloomstein shared a tip ""The Office" if Dunder Mifflin was a vampire company"

Hannah Himes's profile image

hannah_himes_6002 shared a tip "One of the best shows if you like satire, parody, and comedic supernatural movies like the Cornetto trilogies."

Madison Somerville's profile image

madison_somerville shared a tip "This show is too too funny"

Kerry Quiterio's profile image

kerry_quiterio shared a tip "Campy and fun!"

Lola B.'s profile image

lola_b. shared a tip "******* hilarious"

Christina Estime's profile image

xtinaswatching shared a tip "This show makes me feel like I’m in another world. It is so funny and well done. Absolutely adore it!"

Abby 's profile image

abbs1202 shared a tip "It's freaking hysterical if your into witty, sarcastic, dumb luck comedy."

Isabel Eljaiek's profile image

isabel_eljaiek shared a tip "My favorite show ever. Great character's, stellar delivery and hilarious writing."

Suzanne Nixon's profile image

suzanne_nixon shared a tip "So clever and hilarious. Not family friendly."

davida_fernandez shared a tip "Amazingly the show is better than the movie."

anne_128 shared a tip "Fun series. Filmed like the office. Enjoyed it. Looking forward to season 3."

Intialdragon r's profile image

intialdragon_r shared a tip "So funny"

Harper Pitts's profile image

harper_pitts shared a tip "Extremely funny and satirical. Like if The Office clashed with Adam's Family"

Jazzys NewNormal's profile image

jazzys_newnormal shared a tip "So funny. My favorite is Colin Robinson."

Archer Ninety-seven's profile image

archer_ninety-seven shared a tip "Definitely, both show and movie"

Jaime Allred's profile image

jaime_allred shared a tip "If you haven’t watched this show, do it now. It’s amazing."

Justin Brown's profile image

justin_brown_3810 shared a tip "Absolutely hilarious. If you like The Office, you'll love this."

mary_beth_nilsson shared a tip "This show is highly recommended by me. Such a hoot!"

chrisann shared a tip "Oh whoops, sorry for such a delay. Probably Nadja!"

Liza Willemse's profile image

liza_willemse shared a tip "Very funny and dark. Well made"

Chelcea Carroll's profile image

chelcea_carroll shared a tip "Absolutely LOVE this series!!! Amazing actors for every character. So hard to pick a favorite character and episode!!!"

Ariel Yanas's profile image

ariel_yanas shared a tip "Kept me laughing every episode"

patricia_luevano shared a tip "Absurdly funny."

Jeanne Collier's profile image

jeanne_collier shared a tip "BAT!"

Tony Karais's profile image

tony_karais shared a tip "It's brilliant! Writing, acting, everything. Not for everyone but I was hooked in the first 5 minutes."

tiffany_uprichard shared a tip "HILARIOUS!!!"

Jen Kinedinst's profile image

jen_kinedinst shared a tip "This show is one of my favs! I've rewatched it twice now!!!"

bree_2055 shared a tip "Even rewatching episodes has me laughing out loud. This show is brilliant!"

Ryan Jennings's profile image

ryan_jennings_6419 shared a tip "There's so many, but I'm really liking vikings on hulu recently"

Joanna 's profile image

joanna- shared a tip "Such a good comfort show. Always makes me laugh"

Marissa Bowlan's profile image

marissa_bowlan shared a tip "This show is super funny. It's dry humor but it's different from the humor in the office and parks and rec."

Idrees 's profile image

idrees shared a tip "A hidden gem of humour"

Anola Iglehart's profile image

anola_iglehart shared a tip "Love this show! Absolutely hilarious!"

jennifer estrella's profile image

jennifer_estrella shared a tip "One of the most hilarious shows I’ve seen in a while #comedy"

lisa_valentino shared a tip "What's not to love? Great scripts translated to great acting. My fav!"

Mase 's profile image

mase_1450 shared a tip "Great comedy mockumentary if you like horror themes"

muhammad_4131 shared a tip "I can't stop laughing while watching this show!🤣"

jordan_griffin_3813 shared a tip "******* hilarious!"

emily_ratner shared a tip "This show is hilarious."

Carlos Armas's profile image

carlos_armas shared a tip "Funny funny funny"

Christy Harner-Kopejtka's profile image

christy_harner-kopejtka shared a tip "Love this show. So funny! Give it a chance because it is different. But after the second episode I was hooked."

Marian Sasso's profile image

marian_sasso shared a tip "Totally inappropriate and raunchy. Like The Office meets Dracula. Love."

Steve Novak's profile image

steve_novak shared a tip "Very funny. Best sit-com in awhile.Give it a chance."

julia_sprovieri shared a tip "Best movie and best tv show. Hilarious, well made and a good reboot to the movie, giving its own life."

Paul Bruce's profile image

paul_bruce shared a tip "One of my favorite movies"

Paul Bruce's profile image

paul_bruce shared a tip "If you've not seen this movie, do so. Now. Seriously. Why are you still here? Go!"

Joe Hawk's profile image

joe_hawk shared a tip "Hilarious"

Mariamgely Moreira's profile image

mariamgely_moreira shared a tip "Amazing funny, a joy to watch"

jacqueline_moore shared a tip "Essentially Letterkenny if it revolved around vampires"

Sarah La Vergne's profile image

sarah_la_vergne shared a tip "Love this show."

valerie_bailey shared a tip "Very funny!!I hope to see another season."

jarret_au_palmer shared a tip "LOVED THIS"

Jackie Huth Mulrane's profile image

jackie_huth_mulrane shared a tip "Such a funny show."

James Hansen's profile image

james_hansen shared a tip "All hail Taika Waititi"

Lauren Charleville's profile image

lauren_charleville shared a tip "This is arguably the funniest show on TV"

jennifer_s_68 shared a tip "Love it!!!!"

Jacia Carlile's profile image

jacia_carlile shared a tip "Funny as ****. I rewatch it with friends every once in a while."

jason_rapp shared a tip "I actually like this more than the move. Mat berry is a really funny actor."

jamie_3309 shared a tip "I adore the movie and was a little hesitant to watch the tv show..but it’s soooo good. Can not recommend enough"

Chris Eckstadt's profile image

chris_eckstadt shared a tip "This is the show to watch! I've watched both seasons twice."

aradia_zenobia shared a tip "Not yet, still watching all of the first season!"

Mustapha Garba's profile image

mustapha_garba shared a tip "Like this"

Christopher Carver's profile image

christopher_carver shared a tip "Hilarious"

Susan Taggart's profile image

susan_taggart shared a tip "Incredible characters. Hilarious."

Emily Dixon's profile image

emily_dixon_9107 shared a tip "Absolutley hilarious and great if you love the vampire genre."

tay_tolkien shared a tip "This show just gets better and better. Can stand Alone from the film but still has that wonderful feeling of the film."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1613242413807 shared a tip "Absolutely hilarious!"

Courtney Kiefer's profile image

courtney_kiefer shared a tip "Dark comedy satire."

Andrew Gonsar's profile image

andrew_gonsar shared a tip "So good. Didn't think they could improve upon the movie but they did"

Heather Brinkley's profile image

heather_brinkley shared a tip "Great take and funy twist on the traditional vampire genres!"

Stacey Peak's profile image

stacey_peak shared a tip "My favorite show! Hilarious! You don't have to be a horror fan to enjoy."

marie_stephany shared a tip "Not for everyone. I love it."

Lloyd Hanninen's profile image

lloyd_hanninen shared a tip "My favourite comedy!"

Leona Titman's profile image

leona_titman shared a tip "I love this series!!! Can’t wait for more!!!"

Anna Sullivan's profile image

anna_sullivan_7517 shared a tip "Great show if you love the movie or just want a good laugh"

Celina Sarmiento's profile image

celina_sarmiento shared a tip "This show is the funniest!!! Love the cast so much 💖"

Carlyn Burgett's profile image

carlyn_jane shared a tip "LOVE it!"

Kount Kreepy's profile image

kount_kreepy shared a tip "Love this show!"

Krista Carson's profile image

krista_carson shared a tip "amusing but definitely not for everyone.."

karen_carr_2044 shared a tip "Hilarious"

diane_schulze shared a tip "Love, satire and quick wit. I could watch them all over and over"

terri_9875 shared a tip "Funny as hell"

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