Super scary but not gory. That’s the best combo for a horror thriller. Makes me want to read Shirley Jackson’s books. I won’t give away the ending but I will say the last episode is rather disappointing and rather boring compared to the rest of the episodes. But overall well worth the watch.

The Haunting of Hill House imageThe Haunting of Hill House image

The Haunting of Hill House

Shows | Drama

Beautiful scenery! Definitely a Downton Abby feel to it. Only watched the first episode because so far that is the only free one. Not going to pay to watch the rest. Will just wait until it is free on some streaming platform. Something to look forward to.

Hotel Portofino imageHotel Portofino image

Hotel Portofino

Shows | Drama

This actress was excellent in this role. The story was a bit lacking in depth but she was so good so it didn’t matter.

Emily the Criminal imageEmily the Criminal image

Emily the Criminal

Movies | Crime

Really enjoyed the first season. Some really funny parts. But could not get into second season at all. It’s a completely different show, different time period but same actors so I kept thinking of their characters from season one and it just didn’t ever make sense to me. Great premise but it just didn’t ever click for me. So of course I never got to season 3

Miracle Workers imageMiracle Workers image

Miracle Workers

Shows | Comedy

Really liked this show. It’s like Gilmore Girls on crack! 🤣 🤣🤣 But seriously…. Lots of focus on mental health issues so it’s not a sappy, squeaky clean, romantic version of teenage pregnancy and it’s aftermath. I personally felt some of the sex scenes and sexual conversations among the teens was pretty hardcore. Lots of plot twists and back stories which really keeps you interested. Worth watching.

Ginny & Georgia imageGinny & Georgia image

Ginny & Georgia

Shows | Comedy

I liked how it shows 3 completely different people/personalities on the spectrum….thus demonstrating that not all people with autism are the same. It’s a very heartfelt show but not too sappy. The actor playing Violet is spectacular. Well worth watching!

As We See It imageAs We See It image

As We See It


What I liked best about this is that it’s based on a true story. How crazy is that! I would want to sell and move out of this neighborhood based on the neighbors alone regardless of the sinister letters received. These rude insane neighbors given upscale NJ neighborhoods a bad name!

The Watcher imageThe Watcher image

The Watcher

Shows | Drama

It was good. Love British who done its. Interesting premise regarding deja vu experiences. Creepy little kids always scare me but really began to feel for this little boy. Great acting job by all. Worth watching.

The Devil's Hour imageThe Devil's Hour image

The Devil's Hour


Was ok. Too much action for me even though it’s described as an action movie. Not enough comedy for me even though it’s described as a comedy movie.

The Spy Who Dumped Me imageThe Spy Who Dumped Me image

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Movies | Action

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