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Welcome to Radio Rental. Bizarre, true scary stories told by those who lived them.

Artist Tenderfoot TV & Cadence13

Track Count 20


Price $0

Release Date 2/13/21

Explicitness Clean

Country USA


Derek Harrison's profile image

derek_harrison shared a tip "You do not have to watch in order."

Pj Donald's profile image

Tante143 shared a tip "Great Stories! SPOOKY !"

Candice Markese's profile image

canbook shared a tip "Blows my mind everytime, check it out"

juan_3239 shared a tip "If your in to stories that sound weird, don’t make sense this is for you."

juan_3239 shared a tip "Stories that don’t make senses"

juan_3239 shared a tip "They have crazy stories."

Macinzie Owen's profile image

macinzie_owen shared a tip "Soooo good...I mean Rainn Wilson as a video clerk?!"

Sarah Fiete's profile image

sarah_fiete shared a tip "Most stories were originally found on Reddit, so you can find supplemental details from the storytellers there."

jill_miedke shared a tip "Spooky stories from those that lived them. I love Rainn Wilson, but could do without the intro. The stories are great though!"

cullen_mcgrail shared a tip "Couldn't stop listening once I started"

Heidi Stevens's profile image

heidi_stevens shared a tip "Lovely short episodes that will give listeners an uneasy feeling — if that’s what you’re into."

Sara Dayma's profile image

sara_dayma shared a tip "Great show with a compilation of true scary stories. I listened to all of the episodes in just a few days!"

astrid_9818 shared a tip "Yeah its worth it im into true crime but this podcast is awsome yoy get different stories of weird things that happen"

Mistie Radak's profile image

mistie_radak shared a tip "I binged the first season if this. Just the right amount if creepy and super fun! I love Raine Wilson!!!"

Erica Larsen's profile image

erica_larsen_1251 shared a tip "Compelling and binge-worthy!"

katy_8686 shared a tip "Creepy stories to keep me awake through work"

catstrong alien's profile image

catstrong_alien shared a tip "Im in love with this podcast!!"

allie dey's profile image

allie_dey_290 shared a tip "Dark and entertaining true stories!"

Leslie Dyer DeHart's profile image

leslie_dyer_dehart shared a tip "This is one of those podcasts that leaves you begging for the next episode. Strange, personal encounters that make you wonder..."

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