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If you can never get enough true crime... Congratulations, you’ve found your people.

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bailey_brantley shared a tip "It's so easy to listen to! I get carried away for hours"

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weng_ng shared a tip "Love this podcast!!!!"

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MrTenThirty shared a tip "Great podcast for true crime fans. Great hosts. Informative and engaging."

jess_ica_9043 shared a tip "Obsessed! Almost late for work listening in the mornings lol"

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katie_nance shared a tip "Such a great podcast."

ashley_kretz shared a tip "Any recommendations for something like it? I just really like the way they tell the stories."

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linoy_dvorkin shared a tip "So interested in crime"

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rylynn_joyner shared a tip "The perfect true crime podcast since 2017"

ash_pflug shared a tip "Best crime podcast! Stories are always informative and their voices are easy to listen too."

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theghostwrangler_gh shared a tip "They way they tell the stories is very intriguing and exciting in a way..."

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hail_veilleux shared a tip "amazing"

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hillary_haynie shared a tip "They cover really interesting cases, however Brit says "like" so much, it can be hard to tune out."

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tucker_walden shared a tip "THE BEST true crime podcast with an incredible host!"

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skyler_kriz shared a tip "Potter wee Potter i believe if you like the movies."

eileen_mccafferty shared a tip "Yes this is one of my favs."

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kathy_brooks_hendrickson shared a tip "Parcast has several I listen to frequently: Female Criminals, Already Gone, Unsolved Murders."

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amy_thomas_1020 shared a tip "Addictive!!"

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susie_samuels shared a tip "Ashley Flowers and Britt are really good. They feed off each other and the stories are well researched and very good."

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angela_ybarra shared a tip "Love it….binged all episodes in 3 days"

jennifer_gonzalez_6069 shared a tip "Ashley and Britt are the best!"

jennifer_gonzalez_6069 shared a tip "Ashley and Britt are the best!"

melanie_ragland shared a tip "My go-to True Crime podcast for traveling!"

jen_long_9783 shared a tip "It's my absolute favorite!!"

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ena_king shared a tip "My favorite murder!"

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andrea_cassidy shared a tip "Great story tellers"

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raquel_navarro_9435 shared a tip "Morbid is definitely a personal fave of mine and first go to!"

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alexandra_payne shared a tip "Great structure and discussion while being respectful"

joanna_8808 shared a tip "Great story telling"

ana-paola_hernandez shared a tip "Yes! I am always trying to find new podcasts . Crime Junkie is great, I hope you end up liking it. 😁"

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anya_bender shared a tip "No I love them all lmao! I guess I would say I really like all the ones about serial killers"

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bonita_medina shared a tip "I feel like I'd ramble on lol what about you?"

monique_wade shared a tip "I really love all they honestly I’m soooo hooked I listen while I’m at work..."

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nicole_pavalko shared a tip "Love!"

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yoonsun_kim shared a tip "Yes!!😀"

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marissa_hernandez_9919 shared a tip "This podcast really pulls you into crime. #addiction"

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magic_singer11 shared a tip "For anyone who likes crime and making sence of why the criminal did what they did this is a great podcast"

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mari_rey shared a tip "This is one my favorite podcasts! You get sucked in and next thing you know 4 hours have passed!"

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levi_shadows shared a tip "This is way late. And this isn't even a podcast but you might like cryptoNWO on YouTube?"

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missy_aller shared a tip "Love her voice and her passion for solving crime. Great storytelling"

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emily_deatley shared a tip "I love it. Definitely recommend if you love true crime."

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bethany_arbaugh shared a tip "Last Podcast on the Left!!"

kayla_smith_6286 shared a tip "This was the first true crime podcast I had ever listened too #loveatfirstlisten"

jaime_7515 shared a tip "Love the girls personalities. It’s like listening to friends have a discussion of a true crime story."

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jaime_deweese shared a tip "Everything! But mostly how she unfolds the story as if we’re hearing about it for the first time!"

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brenda_garza_5410 shared a tip "Another one of my favorites is Sword and Scale. You should check it out!"

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erica_jean_7112 shared a tip "I also like Dateline and Criminal. Criminal isn’t necessarily always about murder, but it’s interesting crime related stories."

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kelely shared a tip "Love this podcast! Interesting cases ever time, and updates often :)"

lauren_turner_6598 shared a tip "I can’t think of a favorite off the top of my head! I will say the episode about the Delphi murders creeped me out the most."

derek_wehling shared a tip "I'm listening to the Tokyo Murders. I can't believe he left his feces in the toilet! So gross..."

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maira_montes shared a tip "If you like true crime, this is the one for you!"

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robin_henneberry shared a tip "Thanks! I have many favourites, but another podcast that I enjoy is ‘Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast’."

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brandie_campbell shared a tip "The content"

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jennifer_salazar_3236 shared a tip "Yeah, the Operation Fireball episodes really creeped me out!"

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jaydens_songs_and_v shared a tip "Ac#crimme"

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katie_holden_2696 shared a tip "I've only actually listened to a few, but they've been pretty good"

megan_garrett_2212 shared a tip "Morbid a true crime pod cast is one of my faves"

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katie_jones_ shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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booksandbroadway shared a tip "My Favorite Murder and it is so great!"

kennedy_carson shared a tip "Yes!! I love listening to it in the car or shower it is a great podcast!"

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olivia_light shared a tip "this one is good but MORBID is better!!!!"

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joshua_stewart shared a tip "All of them. Not really the new supernatural stuff though."

GingerMouse shared a tip "Not recommended because of the plagiarism. But I liked it before that came out. I no longer listen but am looking for similar."

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diana_flores_2592 shared a tip "Incredible podcast if you love anything and everything crime. Britt and Ashley are amazing hosts and they’re never boring"

sara_berman shared a tip "Not now. But maybe at some point"

katie_moore_1866 shared a tip "i LOVEEEE this podcast!!!! so well done and interesting"

kourtney_6950 shared a tip "If you like true crime yes!!"

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chelsea_swasey shared a tip "Always makes a Monday a little easier"

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lydia_larson_5731 shared a tip "I haven't listened to this one yet either but the words crime junkie..... Hello lol that totally got my attention"

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lydia_larson_5731 shared a tip "When I get a chance I will post a opinion on this podcast"

rachel_greenberg shared a tip "Crime Junkie ? Omg yes ! They're the podcast that got me into podcasts ! The way that the stories are crafted are just amazing !!"

susan_7402 shared a tip "I enjoy listening to these stories of unsolved crimes. They have a way of making the stories enjoyable to listen to."

Amber McQuirter's profile image

amber_mcquirter shared a tip "I can't pick a favorite 🤣 I love them all."

garman23 shared a tip "it’s a great way to get your crime fix."

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aspen_fullerton shared a tip "No, I listen from oldest to newest. I am not near the most recent yet"

candice_hatton shared a tip "This is such a great podcast!"

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kelley_chinappi shared a tip "I'm not a podcast or audiobook lover. But, this podcast right here? It's incredible! Ashley and Britt suck you in right away."

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anna_magee shared a tip "Amazing cases covered"

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rachel_arnold shared a tip "Best podcast ever!"

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caitlin_tapp shared a tip "My favorite true crime podcast! I listen every Monday when they release a new episode!"

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shelby_rivers shared a tip "I have!! So crazy!!"

kate_sutherland_4015 shared a tip "The best!"

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jessica_roberts_1172 shared a tip "Great podcast that brings light to cases that are old or not commonly covered."

Grace Weller's profile image

grace_weller shared a tip "I love true crime and love how they tell the stories of the cases they cover."

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Ryan_M_Yozhik shared a tip "Very captivating and well told."

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kat_mccann shared a tip "In-depth research done on every case."

lauren_1795 shared a tip "I am currently switching between C.S. Lewis’ books, red collar, and O. C. Swingers"

amanda_waddell shared a tip "My absolute favorite podcast! #staywierdstayalive #fullbodychills"

Kelli Lunn's profile image

kelli_lunn shared a tip "Yes! I love it. Very informative. They do their research and advocate for the victims whose crimes haven’t been solved."

kate_brewer shared a tip "Yes! The dynamic between the hosts is great, and they talk about less publicized crimes, so something different every episode."

amy_scott_1399 shared a tip "I just love the stories they bring each week!"

Katarina Roby's profile image

katarina_roby shared a tip "Yes! I absolutely love it. New episodes every Monday. Highly recommend."

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sydney_8157 shared a tip "Love them all honestly, do you?"

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pbnj_b shared a tip "Episode 20: adnan because I was curious after I listened to serial"