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Vegan. 🌱 Student. Lover of nature. Atheist. BLM. Feminist. Horror + True Crime + Science-Fiction fanatic!


It gave an insight to Napoleon’s love for France, his country, insight also in his love life which seemed more like an obsession or clinging he had to Josephine rather than love. The fighting was pretty realistic. Overall good movie, a little bit confusing with the time period/year changes every 20 minutes. Also, pretty long movie. The aesthetics and music was beautiful.

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Movies | Drama

Good show and engaging; the ending was just a little bit confusing and I have questions but it was still a pretty good ending. Ana’s ending was the most confusing and just her relationship with Sergio, maybe she felt understood by him.

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Shows | Drama

It’s a steamy, drama, true-crime series from #spain and it really gets you on the edge of your seat. Even though you had an idea of who the person who did the crime was, it still was very interesting and entertaining to see how this unfolded. The psychological point of view and thinking about what they were thinking or going through causing such events to happen. Amazing cast!

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Burning Body

Shows | Drama

Not as good as the ‘originals’ but still pretty good. The plot is before the other movies so there’s definitely the correlation of the characters. Like Tigress being younger and before her everything else. It was kinda cheesy in the romance which was annoying to me but overall, good movie. I waited over two years for this film to be released, so my expectations were pretty high! 😂 I knew it wasn’t going to be as good as the originals but it’s still worth watching. #hungergames

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The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes

Movies | Action

Danielle Steel did it again! Not her best book but regardless, she knows how to pull on heart strings and always delivers! It was an amazing historical fiction and truly makes you feel grateful for WW2 veterans.

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Flying Angels

Books | Danielle Steel

I haven’t watched such a hilarious movie in so long! Jennifer Lawerence is amazing! The beach scene had me rolling—Would rewatch +10x! Highly recommend!

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No Hard Feelings

Movies | Comedy

Amazing show! It really shows what abuse can look like and how difficult it can be to accept the need to reach out for help. It was emotional, with an amazing ending! #drama #emotional

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Shows | Drama

The ones before were WAY better! This one, wavy far my least favorite one. The acting was not the greatest (besides Jigsaw himself). Still a pretty good movie & more modernized than the previous once. Once I got to the end, that’s when it got really!

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Movies | Horror

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