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Vegan. 🌱 Student. Lover of nature. Atheist. BLM. Feminist. Horror + True Crime + Science-Fiction fanatic! THIS IS A SAFE SPACE WITH ZERO TOLERANCE FOR JUDGEMENT ZONE! πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ


I was scrolling through #amazon_prime and completely forgot that I had watched this a few years back! It had an incredible plot twist which left my jaw wide open! It was something I had never expected from the film! Highly recommend if that’s something your into! I’m not sure if I’d say the movie was great, but definitely showed what love can do when someone is in an issue (kinda scary but interesting!) #drama #fiction #thriller #plottwists #joey_king

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The Lie

Movies | Drama

Empowering! Shows how sometimes, to be strong means to seek safety somewhere else, not necessarily to fight back. Shows women and their fight for safety and their dreams. Fighting for a better future! #based_on_books #feminist #prochoice #women #women_empowerment

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Women Talking

Movies | Drama

Love science fiction films and books! This is such a fun show to watch with representation and based on friendship! #fiction #romance #lgbtqrep #diversity #strangerthings #science_fiction

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Stranger Things

Shows | Drama

One of my favorite movies! I love everything about it: the music, scenery, plot twists, science, and the ending! #science_fiction #drama

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Movies | Adventure

Such a gripping true story on manipulation, abuse of trust, grooming, etc.! It’s a story that everyone should learn from and get the chance to hear! #true_crime #drama #grooming #underage

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Podcasts | True Crime

Proud to say that I am a crime junkie! Love this podcast and wait every week for a new episodoe! The great thing is that they have a good cause, brining to light cases of missing people which are often not heard! It’s an incredible podcast! #truecrime #crimejunkie #crime #mystery #missingperson #murder

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Crime Junkie

Podcasts | Personal Journals

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