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Host Payne Lindsey returns with season 3 to investigate the North West Montana disappearance of Ashley Loring HeavyRunner, an indigenous woman who went missing from the Blackfeet Nation Indian Reservation in 2017. Up and Vanished is a true crime series that investigates mysterious cold case disappea

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Release Date 11/24/21

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karen_veon shared a tip "I literally just joined! I was originally looking for vanished on 911."

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shawna_marler shared a tip "The first season or series is but then it gets a little meh!"

Shawna Marler's profile image

shawna_marler shared a tip "I really enjoyed the first and second season but wasn't as interested in the rest."

Shala Grzywinski's profile image

shala_grzywinski shared a tip "I really liked it!"

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heather_ray_3124 shared a tip "I’ve been listening to “Your own backyard” recently. It’s pretty good so far"

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meka_w. shared a tip "Crime Junkie and Atlanta Monster are good ones."

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mary_anne_holinshead shared a tip "Try Someone Kniws Something"

susan_opper_1484 shared a tip "Great for a long trip especially season 1"

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beth_gaston shared a tip "Lindsey is the most unprofessional journalist I’ve ever heard. And annoying to boot."

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rebecca_wangler shared a tip "Such a gripping story! Worth the listen!"

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jackie_w_676 shared a tip "This one is EXCELLENT. It gets better as you listen and so much has happened since. It’s one of my favorites."

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beth_caron_8364 shared a tip "Yes! If you like true crime, this is a good one. Well produced..."

maria_phillips_4136 shared a tip "Mm not really, I love Reply All"

aubrey_snyder_6302 shared a tip "Lol I actually don’t listen to this one right now, I just had to add some to continue on the app"

cullen_maxim shared a tip "Great show. Hosts are not annoying."

samantha_serra_3410 shared a tip "Serial season 1 is my favorite! Also loved s-town and counterclock!"

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hope_whitson shared a tip "Great true crime podcast that actually comes to a satisfying resolution."

Carly Clark Eskridge's profile image

carly_clark_eskridge shared a tip "I don’t remember, but quite a few"

Shea Connor's profile image

shea_connor shared a tip "Very in depth"

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jaime_mccormick shared a tip "I really loved season one. But had a hard time getting into #2 should I push through is it worth it?"

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janette_montano shared a tip "I like it yes I recommend!!!"

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royall_walters shared a tip "I would say so, it's well researched and very interesting"

molly_8441 shared a tip "I’m bummed they moved it to tv"

sariah_redding shared a tip "I really enjoyed the first season of it!"

julie_richardson_50 shared a tip "Great storytelling by the narrator."

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billie_walters shared a tip "My Favorite Murder podcast by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark is a pretty good one as well"

Sandra Rangel's profile image

sandra_rangel_3756 shared a tip "I love all things true crime"

Sandra Dalal's profile image

sandra_dalal shared a tip "Pretty much the best of its type. They actually solve the mystery on the podcast. Wish they had done more follow up after that."

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amy_cassella shared a tip "Amazing Podcast! Payne Lindsay's voice just captures you and you can't stop listening!"

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paul_echols shared a tip "I wasn't convinced at first... And then I listened to 30 episodes. Very interesting and well done true crime Podcast."

marybeth_dudash shared a tip "Best ever “who dun it”!!’"

jonathon_wall shared a tip "Payne can make an amazing podcast and that man leaves no stone unturned and gets down to the bottom of an investigation."

marcy_smith_1281 shared a tip "This was the podcast that hooked me into listening to podcasts!"

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heidi_stevens shared a tip "Compelling episodic podcast. If you love true crime, mystery, and investigative narratives, check this out."

chasity_247 shared a tip "Great podcast!!"

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vanessa_schlater shared a tip "It's the best one out there. The one that got me hooked on true crime podcasts!"

Mischka Crichton's profile image

mischkadaria shared a tip "Tari G. case is very well done."

Billee Diotte-Marashdeh's profile image

billee_diotte-marashdeh shared a tip "Best podcast! Love Payne linsey"

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sheridan_boies shared a tip "Listen to season 1 without googling or knowing anything about the story. Total plot twist."

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elaine_jackson_3951 shared a tip "This is the podcast that got me into podcasts. Amazing!"

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david_karp_3886 shared a tip "One of the best ever"

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