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I did not expect to love this show as much as I did. I rarely binge straight through a show anymore, but I did on this one. Go Kyung Po was endearing as, Kang Soo. I just fell in love with him. it’s almost unbelievable that he’s the same guy as the stoic, aloof Judge in “Love in Contract”. Kim Seon Ho was really good as the rich guy with no purpose in life. This is one I may watch again someday when I want to see something sweet.

Strongest Deliveryman imageStrongest Deliveryman image

Strongest Deliveryman

Shows | Drama

So far (episode 8) I really like this story. Lee Junho never disappoints! He’s one of the most charismatic actors in K-Drama. I will say the first kissing scene is one of the best I’ve seen. Very sweet and romantic. This is just a sweet story. My favorite line so far is when they are at the palace where kings lived during the Joseon Dynasty era and Junho says “This place seems oddly familiar”. In Junho’s last series, “the Red Sleeve”, he played Prince turned King Jeongin who lived in that time. Some of that series was filmed there. Give me more Junho! 😊

King the Land imageKing the Land image

King the Land

Shows | Drama

This is a light sweet, close proximity trope. It didn’t take me long to watch the full series because I’m not a gamer so I scrolled through most I’d the gaming part of the show.

Falling Into Your Smile imageFalling Into Your Smile image

Falling Into Your Smile

Shows | Comedy

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