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A simple romance drama that doesn’t differ much from other cdramas. It does however leave out the constant lack of communication between the leads that it always super annoying and replaces it with the female lead experiencing an obstacle she has to overcome. It was good but I wouldn’t rewatch.

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First Romance


I liked this drama for the first 20 episodes and then it was eh afterwards. The end conflict felt unnecessary and like they were trying to drag out the show. The acting was good, though, and the ML and FL are cute!

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Cute Programmer

Shows | Comedy

I watched the entire show but pretty much skipped through the gaming parts because I had zero idea what they were talking about😂 it’s your run of the mill cdrama, where the ML is cold until he starts dating the FL. Then he suddenly changes into a romantic person… never understood that plot but oh well. Acting was good, especially the supporting cast!

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Falling Into Your Smile


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