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From evil vampires to a mysterious pack of wolves, new threats of danger and vengeance test Bella and Edward's romance in the second book of the irresistible Twilight saga.For Bella Swan, there is one thing more important than life itself: Edward Cullen. But being in love with a vampire is even more

Author Stephenie Meyer

Pages 608

Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Published Date 2007-08-08

ISBN 0316007722 9780316007726

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abigail_weh shared a tip "Promising, I love their friendship but I hate that Jake loves her so much. He deserves better."

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lindyy shared a tip "Hmm not really"

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rachel_dallas shared a tip "You're welcome ☺️"

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jadyn_perry shared a tip "It really captures the pain that Bella is in while Edward is away, and the depression that Bella has is very real."

candence shared a tip "The story is different from anything I’ve read . Love it"

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avreigh_lizana shared a tip "This book was so disturbing that it was good. 10/10 recommend. Also Eddy, man, chill out ✋️😭quit being so extra"

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rachell_simons shared a tip "I just finished tender is the flesh!"

ruben_mendez_4651 shared a tip "More happy then not by Adam silvera (:"

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Bubbl3s_12502 shared a tip "A must!"

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olivia_hicks_626 shared a tip "So much better than the movie. Definitely worth a read!"

courtney_michael shared a tip "If you love this try The Discovery of Witches!"

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sherri_maserang shared a tip "Good series #young_adult_fiction"

emily_pennock shared a tip "The heir (Kingmakers) by Sophie Lark"

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bookalcoholic shared a tip "I am currently re-reading the Mortal Intruments series"

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Ilove_books_1518 shared a tip "Really liked this book."

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zahra_rizvi shared a tip "Np :)"

kailey_neukirch shared a tip "Hi sorry! I loved the whole enige book : )"

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gabrielle_petrucelly shared a tip "If you love the Twilight series, you will understand. ❤ #twilight"

caitlin_heveran shared a tip "New moon and eclipse has to be my favorite from the series"

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katelyn_bonas shared a tip "Took me under a week to finish and there was no cliff hanger at the end of the book"

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joanie_b-desrochers shared a tip "I've read it years ago, but I liked all the twilight books"

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sandra_funk shared a tip "I felt as bella felt"

emily_6499 shared a tip "Definitely agree, the first one was the best by far in my opinion."

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Hailey_Jacquay46 shared a tip "@sarahlong21 hmm maybe when the Cullens came back and decided to stay. What about you?"

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savanna_priester shared a tip "I agree"

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alliyah_rose shared a tip "I’m been really loving this new series The Selection. It’s about 35 girls going to a palace to compete to be a princess."

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tvbklyn shared a tip "If you are a fan of Twilight, yes, I’d recommend it"

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stefi_tang shared a tip "Vampyr by Carolina Andujar is one of my faves, loved it to bits. Perhaps you'll like it"

adrianna_santamaria shared a tip "Ofc. But it’s best to read all the books in order to fully let the effects sink in."

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isabelle_broughton shared a tip "@turnergray1 yes!! I just read the summer I turned pretty and it was AMAZING"

taylor_2125 shared a tip "When Edward came back and explained everything for sure!!! 🥲"

awesome_user_410044 shared a tip "I would say yes but it's not the happy book.happy reading!"

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rey_amidala shared a tip "Most realistic depiction of depression ever."

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aleah_handy shared a tip "Yes I have"

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steffani_sheets shared a tip "Same"

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patricca_zyski shared a tip "Not sure that I have a favorite part lol Stephenie Meyer is just such a great writer."

stacy_mcenery shared a tip "@debra_wolf Yes❤ I have the whole series I have actually read them twice.."

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ella_mcdonnell shared a tip "Makes me sad but also happy"

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amanda_whitney shared a tip "Jacob and Alice i."

tashiira_gamble-hou shared a tip "Yes"

miranda_6248 shared a tip "Love it"

estefania_morales shared a tip "@megan_stone yes I do"

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sammie_kriner shared a tip "I haven't since high school, but I was also playing soccer. It took me a little while."

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maya_lalani shared a tip "@christian_coleman_8081 that’s a tough question but my favorite is definitely Alice Cullen"

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sophie_sarazin shared a tip "Absolutely"

samantha_nelson_6060 shared a tip "Favorite of the series!"

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joanne_tate shared a tip "I loved this one but Eclipse is quite possibly my favorite"

madelyne_2225 shared a tip "I am currently reading James Patterson’s books and omg I’m loving it♥️"

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jodie_barron shared a tip "Its the second book to twilight. Its entertaining."

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danietta_gayton shared a tip "Absolutely worth it, but definitely start with book one Twilight if you haven't already!"

c_c_185 shared a tip "Right now I am reading the Legend series by Marie Lu. @Laura Garcia"

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rebecca_bonk shared a tip "This is the second of the series, and the most angsty, I think. Definitely worth it if you plan on reading them all."

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kitra_woodhull shared a tip "Shipped by Angie Hockman."

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amanda_willier shared a tip "I enjoyed reading them I couldn't put it down"

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kadi_dat_girl shared a tip "Not realy"

hannah_h_8101 shared a tip "Yea it an entertaining series i didn't care for the last book though."

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madison_carver_7905 shared a tip "i’m team jacob so this book is my favorite out of them all because it encompasses his story"

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kaylee_rae267 shared a tip "Unchosen by Katharyn Blair! It's so good!"

deanna_lau-smith shared a tip "Fable: Adrienne Young"

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martha_m_clementino shared a tip "Yes!"

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brianna_couch_9873 shared a tip "No problem!!🤗, really good book📓!!, Jesus loves you, Bless!!"

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sidney_johnson_8395 shared a tip "the best book in the series; really interesting"

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marley_heilesen shared a tip "Out of the series, Twilight is my favorite or maybe Eclipse. I just missed Edward too much in this one."

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leigha_gagner shared a tip "I don't have one specific favorite but I love the Rose series by Jennifer Donnelly! (The Tea Rose, Winter Rose and the Wild Rose)"

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varsha_chandrasekar shared a tip "Nope, I liked all the scenes! :)"

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emma_hughes_5073 shared a tip "I recently read House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig and I really enjoyed it!!"

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amaya_wright shared a tip "Midnight Sun is AMAZING read it 3 times"

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julianna_nuzzo shared a tip "This book took me a while. I love Jacob better in the books than the movies, he’s a real good friend to Bella in this book!"

kristy_steffen shared a tip "Depends. Did you like Twilight?"

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mb_roche shared a tip "all of it. are you team Edward or Jacob?"

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kirstie_kime shared a tip "Yes, I liked that Jacob's history was explained more. What about you?"

tailor_ford shared a tip "I like books that have magic in the plot too!"

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witney_jewkes shared a tip "I really enjoyed it when I was younger. Haven't read it recently"

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gabrielle_gutierrez_5460 shared a tip "No I love the whole series ❤️"

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campbell_5505 shared a tip "Been reading lots of Nancy Thayer, Emily Henry and currently a book called Olive Again 😁"

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kate_catapano shared a tip "I read the entire series & thought they were all well written…I’d say yes"

gabrielle_garcia_6136 shared a tip "My favorite book from this series is breaking dawn"

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katlynn_smith shared a tip "Im currently reading all of stephen king just finished the body. It was good im reading mr Mercedes right now its good so far"

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sasha_cameron shared a tip "Im actually reading A little Princess right now and then next in line is The Count of Monte Cristo 😇 what about you?"

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alex_williams_2577 shared a tip "I love them all soo much!! I think that twilight and eclipse are my top favorites though!!🤍"

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casey_f_9590 shared a tip "It’s been so long since I’ve read it. But maybe Bella’s birthday party or when they go see the volturi :)"

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garnet_granger shared a tip "Really good read"

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whitney_rost shared a tip "My favorite of the series"

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isabellapagano5 shared a tip "Not really I haven't read in a while I'm sorry"

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aimee_hernandez_1770 shared a tip "Out of all the Twilight Saga it I'd my least favorite. But it shows the base of Bella's and Jacob's relationship, which I liked!"

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meg_jones_8494 shared a tip "Oh you don't even want to actually know that."

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sara_stadtfeld shared a tip "I read it in 2008/09 when I was a teenager so it’s been a while. But I think it’s worth it!! Love the books and even the movies"

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sheri_ginett shared a tip "Yes I think the entire series is, way better than the movies imho"

paige_pierson_5216 shared a tip "In my opinion it's better than the movies and there's more details and the characters have more life and depth to them"

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cynthia_nieves_5168 shared a tip "My favorite book is “Tuesdays with Morrie” have you ever read it?"

alisha_bonfiglio shared a tip "Not as much as this series! Lol I read Half Sick of Shadows recently and really enjoyed it despite my initial skepticism."

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nightfairy19 shared a tip "Not my favorite book in the series, but enjoyed seeing them reunite."

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jillian_radtke shared a tip "Love"

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