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From the #1 bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars Michael L. Printz Honor BookLos Angeles Times Book Prize FinalistKatherine V thought boys were grossKatherine X just wanted to be friendsKatherine XVIII dumped him in an e-mailK-19 broke his heartWhen it comes to relationships, Colin Singleton

Author John Green

Pages 272

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2008-08-14

ISBN 144062979X 9781440629792


Google 3.5


Sue Anderson Iverson's profile image

sue shared a tip "Easy, enjoyable read - trying to apply reason to why relationships work or not, wound into a cute coming of age story."

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isabella_3524 shared a tip "I liked the message behind the story a lot and it was really funny. 2.5/5 ⭐️"

Claire Huffman's profile image

claire_huffman shared a tip "Easy read, witty romance"

Claire Huffman's profile image

claire_huffman shared a tip "Witty romance"

samantha_cohen_8398 shared a tip "Such a amazing book"

Madison Sharone's profile image

madison_sharone shared a tip "This was a great book!"

Kirsten Glass's profile image

kirstie_84 shared a tip "A great summer read."

Angelissa Gutierrez's profile image

angelissa_gutierrez shared a tip "It’s an amazing book to read over the weekend! A must-read John Green book."

Sarah Kaufman's profile image

sarahceleste shared a tip "it has been my favorite book for 5 years now. i have yet to find one that beats this one! i would highly recommend:)"

Eliza Crawford's profile image

eliza_crawford shared a tip "Yes, I really enjoyed it"

Paige Ogle's profile image

paige_ogle shared a tip "Gameboard of the gods by richelle mead"

Ally 's profile image

ally_garbarino shared a tip "Yes. Do you?"

ur mom's profile image

ur_mom_5354 shared a tip "well written, good plot"

Ava Market's profile image

ava_market shared a tip "Idk probably when they were in the cave"

elayna schimanski's profile image

elayna_schimanski shared a tip "i absolutely love John Green, he's very down to earth and easy to read"

Naty O's profile image

naty_o shared a tip "another great John Green book!"

Kaylee 's profile image

kaylee_5558 shared a tip "Finished 2/17"

MustangLover109 's profile image

mustanglover109 shared a tip "Way to boring with no meaning to it. 2 stars at best."

Emily Morgan's profile image

emily_morgan_7404 shared a tip "It was too hard to follow the plot. had high expectations since the author is John Green, not a fan :/"

Linna Li's profile image

linna_li shared a tip "Yeah. I like his books. They're all very similar in flavor ~coming of age"

Amanda Rubio's profile image

amanda_rubio shared a tip "@emily_mcmurphy Yes! He's amazing!"

Mia 's profile image

mia_5102 shared a tip "Realistic fiction"

jorja_fong shared a tip "Very cute!"

Auttie Xochimitl's profile image

auttie_xochimitl shared a tip "I really liked this book, I didn't really care for Fault in Our Stars. It's different for everyone"

emily_grizzle shared a tip "Extremely worth it <3"

Alison McKee's profile image

alison_mckee shared a tip "I don't have one singular book that's my favorite but I do have favorite books in specific genres."

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a_student shared a tip "I absolutely loved this story."

callie 's profile image

callie_2987 shared a tip "I read it freshman year. It’s definitely a little odd but it’s fun!!"

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kayla_hill_8252 shared a tip "John Greens humor is my kind of humor. Another great book by a brilliant author!"

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