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USA Today Bestseller!Debut author Sally Thorne bursts on the scene with a hilarious and sexy workplace comedy all about that thin, fine line between hate and love.Nemesis (n.) 1) An opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome.                       2) A person’s undoing                  

Author Sally Thorne

Pages 416

Publisher HarperCollins

Published Date 2016-08-09

ISBN 006243960X 9780062439604

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Optimisticbooknerd shared a tip "Absolutely loved this one and cannot wait for the movie adaption starring Lucy Hale!"

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kerimoz shared a tip "I stayed up late after work for the last three chapters to finish this book.Characters are so likable. 💙"

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megan_burns_9889 shared a tip "I’ve been watching beach read, the proposition, and the kiss quotient and the last one was definitely one of my favourites!"

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onemorechapter_jp shared a tip "Welcome!"

clmentine_roy-pouli shared a tip "This book was so easy to read and left me satisfied"

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The_Artful_Okie shared a tip "Electric chemistry in this romance, a quick, fun read!"

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chelsea_berlucchi shared a tip "Best of its genre"

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olivia_thomson shared a tip "Probably the most well done enemies to lovers book."

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allie_2.0 shared a tip "Hope u enjoy 😊"

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victoria_pellam shared a tip "i literally couldn't put this book down!"

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corie_lusch shared a tip "Really enjoying this easy quick read."

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lauren_bazley shared a tip "Silly and easy"

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melissa_simers shared a tip "Very fun read."

ana_5463 shared a tip "Yes, me too. Ilona Andrews....different genre though than this book."

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nicole_altherr shared a tip "I really liked it! I definitely enjoy the enemies to lovers trope though!"

lindsay_miles_8488 shared a tip "Literally one of my favorite books to-date. The plot line, the friends-to-enemies love story, the dialogue—I loved all of it."

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charityblee shared a tip "Can’t wait to read this one"

michelle_d_802 shared a tip "It was so good!"

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cate_sherman shared a tip "Sooo good and great ending"

alexia_ramos_8716 shared a tip "such a great office enemies to lovers loved ittt"

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bri_deopere shared a tip "I really enjoyed this book! It reminded me a lot of Abby Jimenez’s books, which I also love, so this was an easy & quick read!"

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menaka_masilamani shared a tip "The banter gave me butterflies...loved this book!"

gina_orlic shared a tip "Definitely not overrated it’s as good as everyone says! I’ve read it three times over and it still is so good"

nahara shared a tip "Th Flatshare and Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet #contemporary_romance"

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audiobookie shared a tip "Great chemistry between the main characters"

alicia_lizardi shared a tip "My favorite book would most likely be Beach Read by Emily Henry"

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jasmine_levan shared a tip "Loved it! I love the discovery of the main male characters personality :)"

summer_dunning shared a tip "Its still on my tbr list😊"

danielle_lauri shared a tip "So good hope you love it!!"

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alyssa_bartlett shared a tip "Umm.... I think it'd have to be the veil diaries. What's your favorite?"

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dana_j._moore shared a tip "Everything….. tone, humor, chemistry, character"

kara_6158 shared a tip "I laughed so hard I cried! I recommend this book to so many friends looking for a good rom-com."

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deleted_user_1622326181983 shared a tip "An enemies to lovers book !! Very much recommend this <33 #romance #enemiestolovers #drama"

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elizabeth_taylor_702 shared a tip "Best book for a good enemies to lovers romance!"

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jadearachnid88 shared a tip "This was so fricken good. I read the whole book within 24 hours😂😭😭😭👏🏻"

taylor_scott_9825 shared a tip "One of my new favorite books! I will definitely be re-reading soon. It was hard for me to put down once I started."

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morgan_rose_pourcia shared a tip "this book is EVERYTHING!! it’s so good i even cried at the end i freaking love the ending."

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kitra_woodhull shared a tip "Has anyone read this? If so, is it any good?"

lauren_bee9 shared a tip "9/10 this book checks all the boxes for me. Fast paced and just a feel good love story. Reread it a bunch since getting it."

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erika_hauer shared a tip "The books by Chloe Liese in her Bergman Brothers series are my new favorite!"

safiya_kathawala shared a tip "Loved this book!! SO GOOD!!! #romance #cute #enemiestolovers"

nasta shared a tip "Not in a similar genre, I bounce around a lot"

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ashley_nicole_6175 shared a tip "SUCH a fun read. Cute, spicy, romantic, and just all around a good book! 5/5"

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kori_vanderzanden shared a tip "So good, every perfect element"

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cassidy_przybilla shared a tip "Loved this book sooo much! I fell in love with the characters and just couldn’t put my book down! I HIGHLY recommend!"

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maya_luna_sherlick shared a tip "I would highly recommend Again but Better it is so good!"

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tori_kincaid shared a tip "Best enemies to lovers I’ve read, but of an abrupt ending but I still loved this read! #enemiestolovers"

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avery_7392 shared a tip "WHERE CAN I GETA JOSHUA TEMPLEMAN???"

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anna_hunt_5669 shared a tip "Yes, it’s so good! Super cute and funny."

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alyssa_nicole_4849 shared a tip "Enemies to lovers in the work place! love could not put it down 💕"

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madeline_coleman_7767 shared a tip "It’s really good. I feel it’s a little over hyped but it’s 100% worth the read"

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sherry_mecklem shared a tip "This book was a good read it keept on the seat of my pants"

krissy_lynn shared a tip "It’s the best hate to love I have ever read!!!!"

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madison_rose_7619 shared a tip "This was such a great book. It had the romance and the comedy that made the book an interesting read."

michelle_parker_8336 shared a tip "Yes! It's more fantasy but the romance is AMAZING. "A Court of Thorns and Roses" by Sarah j. Maas"

michelle_parker_8336 shared a tip "How about u? Any recommendations?"

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beckyhill shared a tip "The best book omg! Literally could not put it down!!"

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just_tren. shared a tip "Really cute workplace romance!!"

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kassia_grillo shared a tip "Kept me hooked throughout but landed a little flat"

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melissa_wrzesien shared a tip "Recently, anything by Christina Lauren! Really enjoyed Soulmate Equation! What about you?"

brittany_9445 shared a tip "Yes! The two main characters have great chemistry!"

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katelyn_gress shared a tip "I really loved this book!"

sara_nestorovich shared a tip "Beach read and maybe someday! I keep coming back those when I need something soft 😊"

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allie_trumpower shared a tip "#workplace_romance"

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a_h_149 shared a tip "Office enemies to lovers!"

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christina_brice shared a tip "One of the best books I have ever read"

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christina_kamont shared a tip "I died and was resurrected a thousand times by this book. It ended way too soon for me. 😭"

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jack_likes_to_snack shared a tip "Be prepared to read this book in one day, it's just that good."

denise_thorne_1724 shared a tip "Reread this after finishing. Fantastic read."

elaine_marie_garcia shared a tip "stop cause this book is literally so good"

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angie_e_804 shared a tip "Loved this book so much! I loved Lucy so much! I loved that it was slow but also not too fast!"

chelsi_mcmahan shared a tip "Enemies to lovers in a steamy romantic love story! I loved this book cover to cover! Its a must read!!"

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brittany_cheeks shared a tip "Absolutely loved enemies to lovers"

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sana_wiar shared a tip "I don’t have a favorite part. I really loved the whole book"

christiana_jimenez shared a tip "the cheat sheet. so far it’s really good"

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betsy_j shared a tip "Definite love hate relationship."

abbie_6292 shared a tip "@chelseawrightreads Yes! It's a cute one. The audio narration is great if you need something to listen to."

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kamille_mendoza shared a tip "Not at the moment but I am enjoying the enemies-to-lovers trope. Have you found anything similar?"

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audrey_yang shared a tip "It was so good!"

alberta_cummings shared a tip "Loved it, a bit unrealistic but that’s what was so good about it"

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alissa_steier shared a tip "Best book I've read in awhile. It's funny, smart, and honest. LOVED IT!!!"

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christine_martin_4421 shared a tip "One of my favorite books I’ve read in a while!"

theresa_m shared a tip "Smart, funny, slow burn"

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maria_h_2829 shared a tip "This is literally my favorite book"

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chelsea_morrison_4631 shared a tip "Loved this book!"

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indra_yunen shared a tip "This was a very cute book!✨at the begging I was hesitant but then Lucy and everything about this book became addicting! 4/5⭐️"

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shelima_hamlet shared a tip "Quick romance but fun, quick read"

melina_martinez shared a tip "Love the romance so much"

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abbie_brooks_202 shared a tip "Loved this book! Good quick read!"

Gabrielle Giunta's profile image

gabrielle_giunta shared a tip "Loved this book! I couldn't put it down, read it in a day"

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anabanana27 shared a tip "I really liked The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon"

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elizabeth_koury shared a tip "yes!! it’s a super cute romance book with some unique little quirks that i loved!!"

ramsey_mcintyre shared a tip "my FAVORITE book ever"

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vian_hendi shared a tip "If you like enemies to lovers, please do yourself a favour and read this"

Brenda Klaassen's profile image

brenda_klaassen shared a tip "When he allowed her to win the business position"

anna_owen_446 shared a tip "Absolutely! It was sooo good!"

mimz shared a tip "meh.. didn't hate it, didn't particularly love either."

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imistyish shared a tip "I love this book. A real enemy to lovers. So if your in to that I highly reccomend"

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deleted_user_1608266587763 shared a tip "Loved it! That's all I have to say."

rahma_455 shared a tip "this is my favorite book ever"

megan_5471 shared a tip "This book was AMAZING. The banter, chemistry, and writing were all so well demonstrated. Love love love."

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nadia_kvakic shared a tip "Fun quick read, cute story!"

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karyssa_henry shared a tip "Ugh LOVE THIS ONE"

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michenna_branch_5506 shared a tip "Finished this in less than 24 hours,, I was hooked from start to finish 🧡🌶"

giovanna pirraglia's profile image

giovanna_pirraglia shared a tip "great storyline!"

mandy_cunningham shared a tip "It’s a slow burn and an enemies to lovers"

megan_briggs_1688 shared a tip "I binged in a day. Witty and relatable. And the build up was fantastic"

danielle_carrico shared a tip "Finished in one day, couldn’t put it down!!"

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emma_7205 shared a tip "I found it to be a bit overhyped, but it was still enjoyable to read!"

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karina_w shared a tip "i absolutely loved it, immediately became my comfort read #thehatinggame"

shannon_allen_3582 shared a tip "I loved the tension in their relationship and the humor of the author."

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elliemcm shared a tip "Literally the best book I’ve read in a long time!"

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ali_vander shared a tip "The plot and the character development was amazing! The chemistry was so sudden yet built up 10/10 recommend."

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sarah_gilbert_2878 shared a tip "As soon as I finished the book, I let out an “aww”…. So flipping cute!!!"

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cadence_mckeegan shared a tip "the enemies to lovers part, is just amazing"

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madelyn_walker shared a tip "I ABSOLUTELY LOVED READING THIS BOOK !!"

cameron_skaggs-rowe shared a tip "it was good. not my top pick"

christina_200 shared a tip "Fast and cute read!"

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