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The Uglies series has more than 3 million books in print, has been translated into twenty-seven languages, and spent more than fifty weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. Now all four books feature fresh new covers and will reach an even wider audience. Tally's adventures begin in Uglies, whe

Author Scott Westerfeld

Pages 406

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2011-05-03

ISBN 1442419814 9781442419810

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Definitely an interesting read!"

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "#dystopian #youngadult #social_issues #scifi"

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DancingDino shared a tip "It was a bit hard to get into but was so worth it! I loved the book!"

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laiineyd shared a tip "good series, am not looking forward to the TV adaptation"

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elizabeth_pronger shared a tip "This is a great series by Scott Westerfeld. Actually I'd suggest any of his books to be honest. He's a great author."

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elizabeth_pronger shared a tip "This is the begging of a great series, and honestly this author's books are fantastic."

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kylie_1112 shared a tip "This is an absolute AMAZING series. And the spin off books “Imposters” and “Shatter City” are just as amazing!"

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andrea_strickler shared a tip "The whole series is a fun read, and my two teen daughters also both enjoyed them."

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kristi_evans-henry shared a tip "It was sooo good"

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catwo shared a tip "good in the beginning but it became confusing & boring"

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melissa_antcliff shared a tip "I didn't care for any of them."

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jest shared a tip "had to it read for school 👎"

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vikingmamasloth shared a tip "You're welcome!"

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tara_leederman shared a tip "Of the main three in this series, the second Pretties really stuck with me and took me by surprise."

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kaleigh_felton_8932 shared a tip "Iv read all of them in the series but my favorite are the first two."

Maddy Hopkins's profile image

maddy_hopkins_2067 shared a tip "such a great concept, definitely ahead of it’s time"

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delicia_verderber shared a tip "Best series ever I miss it now that I’ve finished it."

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delicia_verderber shared a tip "1st book in series"

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delicia_verderber shared a tip "First book in series"

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starry_eyed shared a tip "A classic dystopia. At first I thought it was about conforming to society and that they had won. But it was so much better."

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sunflowerraindrop shared a tip "Really liked the first book! Kinda got weird as it went on, though"

brooke_b_6566 shared a tip "I’ve only read this series by him. I love dystopias."

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thirza_champion shared a tip "This book was a quick read for me. I really enjoyed it's version of a possible future"

Jackie McKiernan-Winger's profile image

jackie_mckiernan-winger shared a tip "Interesting read in a looks-obsessed culture like ours"

coleen_carey shared a tip "just finished the first book it was amazing, best book i’ve ever read!!"

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rachel_saleski shared a tip "This is one of my favorite series, yes!"

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tracey_elliott shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite series EVER"

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zoe_schwippert shared a tip "Good book"

mindy_braasch shared a tip "It’s a great book and the series is wonderful as well! If you prefer HEAs though, might want to avoid this series."

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wendy_morgan_4104 shared a tip "Lived this series. I was hoping it would be turned into a movie"

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shannon_howe shared a tip "pretty good, similar to Delirium series, and a more narcisitic Divergent. Enjoyable"

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nikki_guichet shared a tip "This book really made me think"

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heavenleigh_ shared a tip "Kinda boring"

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mia_leann_ shared a tip "an amazing series. i read it when i was 12 thinking i was so grown up"

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angie_garza_8776 shared a tip "first dystopian book i read and got me hooked into them!"

fatou_siby shared a tip "I am loving The Program by Suzanne Young! I am reading the series right now and can’t seem to put the books down"

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josie_d. shared a tip "Out of this series it would probably have to be the 3rd one!"

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ayomallama shared a tip "Uglies is sooo goodd definetly recommend reading it!!"

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no_one_uwu shared a tip "Great book about beauty standards, human destruction and waste, and more!"

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camped_halfblood shared a tip "I read it in class and It was suprisingly good"

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Su_Akemi shared a tip "Definitely! So is the whole series imo! :D"

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jessica_lindeman shared a tip "Good beach read! #distopian"

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rebecca_bennett_1016 shared a tip "Great dystopian series from the outlook of what it would be like to WANT to be different and the lengths you will go to."

Sariah Fox's profile image

sariah_fox shared a tip "Filled with so much that is unique that I couldn’t help but fall in love."

Karla Ornelas Gladwill's profile image

karla_ornelas_gladw shared a tip "My favorite book as a teenager."

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olivia_vose_7561 shared a tip "One of the first dystopian stories I read, and it got me hooked!!"

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katherine_mccray_4831 shared a tip "A great #science_fiction series I have#reread many times"

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anna_williams_8174 shared a tip "Totally loved this series. Such an interesting world!"

louieinnit_ 's profile image

louieinnit_ shared a tip "I really liked the plot twists and the concept."

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ashlynn430 shared a tip "Ooo, I loved this series too"

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