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#1 NATIONAL BESTSELLERSOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTUREAt twenty-two, Cheryl Strayed thought she had lost everything. In the wake of her mother's death, her family scattered and her own marriage was soon destroyed. Four years later, with nothing more to lose, she made the most impulsive decision of

Author Cheryl Strayed

Pages 315

Publisher Vintage Books

Published Date 2013

ISBN 0307476073 9780307476074


Google 3.5


Claire Lavergne's profile image

Claire.Lavergne shared a tip "A way to live vicariously through Cheryl. She took a journey I’d love to experience but will never! Inspirational!"

ginny_2061 shared a tip "Amazing book."

aimee_3824 shared a tip "No I am actually on the lookout for a good one. Do you have any suggestions?"

Jade Chagnon's profile image

jade_chagnon shared a tip "I know! And the movie is so wonderful"

Catherine Brisebois's profile image

catherine_brisebois shared a tip "Good! Really makes you want to pack your stuff and go!"

lyndsie_coniglio shared a tip "It was a little slow at first I thought but it’s a real page turner!"

Lucius Myer's profile image

lucius_myer shared a tip "Yeah she is just an awesome writer"

Lucius Myer's profile image

lucius_myer shared a tip "Check out this website they have some good independent author books which are good https://crimsoncodex.com"

Ray Jordan's profile image

ray_jordan_7831 shared a tip "I did not want this book to end."

maryann_mcelfresh shared a tip "I don’t know that I had a favorite part.... I enjoyed the whole book"

Alicia Sarmiento's profile image

alicia_sarmiento_4369 shared a tip "I’m trying to get through Fahrenheit 451, interesting topic, definitely not my fav"

Annessa Baksh's profile image

annessa_baksh shared a tip "I actually did not read it as yet. Would love to though when I purchase. What's your thoughts on it?"

San Monahan's profile image

san_monahan shared a tip "Into Thin Air"

Arica Motley's profile image

arica_motley shared a tip "Beneath the Scarlet Sky was really good!"

Carol Cullen's profile image

carol_cullen shared a tip "Definitely"

Karen Noble's profile image

karen_noble_8620 shared a tip "A true, honest life story."

Lindsey Matthews's profile image

lindsey_matthews_7893 shared a tip "My favorite part would probably be when she was first trying to navigate the PCT, I like how much it showed her struggle."

denise_body shared a tip "Sorry, not the outdoor explore type."

jennifer_hansen_8186 shared a tip "Not a particular part, but I liked how the book talked about how she worked through issues in her life every day on the trail."

Janie Kielty's profile image

janie_kielty shared a tip "I really liked The Silent Patient."

taylor_robinson shared a tip "I could feel myself transforming who I am as a person as I turned every page of this book. Loved it!"

Christina Kunz's profile image

christina_kunz shared a tip "I really did!! I love books that are made into movies!"

Sarah Brumberg's profile image

sarah_brumberg shared a tip "Already planning my first backpacking trip."

Adria S's profile image

adria_s shared a tip "Yes, I enjoyed it."

susan_baker_8136 shared a tip "One of my fave lines in a book ever"

Jaicey Connors's profile image

jaicey_connors shared a tip "One of my all time favourite reads!"

pat_oconnor shared a tip "Could not stand this book. Enough about me lets talk about me!"

Kandice Wallis's profile image

kandice_wallis shared a tip "This is an amazing story. I’ve read it more times than I am count."

Lacey Crichton's profile image

lacey_crichton shared a tip "It’s a memoir and personal adventure all in one."

Vicki Lawrence's profile image

vicki_lawrence shared a tip "I have read this 1 enjoyed it immensely"

Emme Lawrence's profile image

emme_lawrence shared a tip "I am rereading The Unwinding of the Miracle"

Hannah Frase's profile image

hannah_frase shared a tip "I have so many favorites but memoirs of a geisha stands out for me"

t_s_4276 shared a tip "I loved this book! Just bought the movie, hope it doesn’t disappoint"

Martha Paz's profile image

martha_paz shared a tip "Motivational to live authentically"

Rachael Zalesky's profile image

rachael_zalesky shared a tip "Was very relatable to me, as a 26 year old feeling lost in the world"

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