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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A powerful, blazingly honest memoir: the story of an eleven-hundred-mile solo hike that broke down a young woman reeling from catastrophe—and built her back up again.At twenty-two, Cheryl Strayed thought she had lost everything. In the wake of her mother’s death, her f

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Author Cheryl Strayed

Pages 336

Publisher Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

Published Date 2013-03-26

ISBN 0307476073 9780307476074


Google 3.5


Sher Free✌️'s profile image

sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

lindsayh shared a tip "such a beautiful story! i cried like a baby reading the last couple pages <3"

Claire Lavergne's profile image

Claire.Lavergne shared a tip "A way to live vicariously through Cheryl. She took a journey I’d love to experience but will never! Inspirational!"

Leanza Lopez's profile image

leanza_lopez shared a tip "My favorite story 💓"

Elizabeth A's profile image

elizabeth_adderley shared a tip "It didn’t hold my attention. It may be good for others"

Wendy Fie's profile image

wendy_fie shared a tip "This book was really great! I felt like I was on the trail with her."

Allison Northey's profile image

allison_northey shared a tip "A must read for adventure seeking young women! #nature #hiking"

lauren_edwards_5141 shared a tip "Simply, This book changed my life."

Jade Chagnon's profile image

jade_chagnon shared a tip "I know! And the movie is so wonderful"

lyndsie_coniglio shared a tip "It was a little slow at first I thought but it’s a real page turner!"

Catherine Brisebois's profile image

catherine_brisebois shared a tip "Good! Really makes you want to pack your stuff and go!"

Lucius Myer's profile image

lucius_myer shared a tip "Check out this website they have some good independent author books which are good https://crimsoncodex.com"

Lucius Myer's profile image

lucius_myer shared a tip "Yeah she is just an awesome writer"

Ray Jordan's profile image

ray_jordan_7831 shared a tip "I did not want this book to end."

jadayziah_coleman shared a tip "Just wasn’t my style"

Annessa Baksh's profile image

annessa_baksh shared a tip "I actually did not read it as yet. Would love to though when I purchase. What's your thoughts on it?"

Brandy Drury Forrest's profile image

brandy_drury_forrest shared a tip "This book brings out the feelings!"

kerry_1076 shared a tip "It was a good one!"

Cheryl Gibson's profile image

cheryl_gibson_5439 shared a tip "Nature hiking and self discovery"

Christina Kunz's profile image

christina_kunz shared a tip "I really did!! I love books that are made into movies!"

taylor_robinson shared a tip "I could feel myself transforming who I am as a person as I turned every page of this book. Loved it!"

Jim Barge's profile image

jim_barge shared a tip "I really don't remember how long it took to read"

Sarah Brumberg's profile image

sarah_brumberg shared a tip "Already planning my first backpacking trip."

Adria S's profile image

adria_s shared a tip "Yes, I enjoyed it."

Jaicey Connors's profile image

jaicey_connors shared a tip "One of my all time favourite reads!"

Nira Turquand's profile image

nira_turquand shared a tip "Loved the adventure."

susan_baker_8136 shared a tip "One of my fave lines in a book ever"

pat_oconnor shared a tip "Could not stand this book. Enough about me lets talk about me!"

Kandice Wallis's profile image

kandice_wallis shared a tip "This is an amazing story. I’ve read it more times than I am count."

Lacey Crichton's profile image

lacey_crichton shared a tip "It’s a memoir and personal adventure all in one."

Vicki Lawrence's profile image

vicki_lawrence shared a tip "I have read this 1 enjoyed it immensely"

Emme Lawrence's profile image

emme_lawrence shared a tip "I am rereading The Unwinding of the Miracle"

t_s_4276 shared a tip "I loved this book! Just bought the movie, hope it doesn’t disappoint"

Hannah Frase's profile image

hannah_frase shared a tip "I have so many favorites but memoirs of a geisha stands out for me"

Martha Paz's profile image

martha_paz shared a tip "Motivational to live authentically"

San Monahan's profile image

san_monahan shared a tip "Into Thin Air"

Arica Motley's profile image

arica_motley shared a tip "Beneath the Scarlet Sky was really good!"

Michele Durham's profile image

michele_durham shared a tip "Incredible book"

Karen Noble's profile image

karen_noble_8620 shared a tip "A true, honest life story."

Alicia Sarmiento's profile image

alicia_sarmiento_4369 shared a tip "I’m trying to get through Fahrenheit 451, interesting topic, definitely not my fav"

Rachael Zalesky's profile image

rachael_zalesky shared a tip "Was very relatable to me, as a 26 year old feeling lost in the world"

Lindsey Matthews's profile image

lindsey_matthews_7893 shared a tip "My favorite part would probably be when she was first trying to navigate the PCT, I like how much it showed her struggle."

Carol Cullen's profile image

carol_cullen shared a tip "Definitely"

maryann_mcelfresh shared a tip "I don’t know that I had a favorite part.... I enjoyed the whole book"

denise_body shared a tip "Sorry, not the outdoor explore type."

jennifer_hansen_8186 shared a tip "Not a particular part, but I liked how the book talked about how she worked through issues in her life every day on the trail."

aimee_3824 shared a tip "No I am actually on the lookout for a good one. Do you have any suggestions?"

ginny_2061 shared a tip "Amazing book."

Shelby Hoag's profile image

shelby_hoag shared a tip "This book is adventurous, real, touching and inspiring."

Janie Kielty's profile image

janie_kielty shared a tip "I really liked The Silent Patient."

Angie Couch's profile image

angie_couch shared a tip "Learning of her trials and adventures"

Shannon Nichols's profile image

shannon_nichols_1217 shared a tip "Awesome book of a women who undertakes a large, almost impossible task and finds her strengthaing the way."

Raquel Kalpakoff's profile image

raquel_kalpakoff shared a tip "no words. truly incredible"

Marla Marzolf's profile image

marla_marzolf shared a tip "Finish this in 2 days. Very worth it."

Laura Rotz's profile image

laura_rotz shared a tip "Also North Of Normal by Cea Pearson is another great one I read recently."

Diane Rene's profile image

diane_rene shared a tip "Perfect for women stuck or going through transition."

maria_tremblay shared a tip "Anything Sally Rooney!"

Kelli Scott's profile image

kelli_scott_7476 shared a tip "10/10 must read."

Lesly Allen's profile image

lesly_allen shared a tip "Virgil Wander was great"

Alex Speaks's profile image

alex_speaks shared a tip "A strong female lead based in reality. She’s deep and has issues that I can relate to."

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