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The reviews are in! This Is Where It Ends, the #1 New York Times bestseller and one of the Best Books of the Decade (Buzzfeed, Paste Magazine, BookRiot), "could break you." "I am speechless." "The saddest book I have ever read." "Literally tore my heart out." Go inside a heartbreaking fictional scho

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Author Marieke Nijkamp

Pages 336

Publisher Sourcebooks, Inc.

Published Date 2016-01-05

ISBN 1492622486 9781492622482


Google 3.5


Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "Very sad, but good book."

Just Sierra 's profile image

JustSierra shared a tip "Just wow. An inside perspective with different view points on the tragedies of today. A must read for anyone."

Amanda Berrey's profile image

amanda_berrey shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Savannah 's profile image

Savannah.Rain shared a tip "5/5 SOOOO GOOD"

Zamora Miller's profile image

zamora_miller shared a tip "I looooved this book! Seriously gut-wrenching and honest. I’ll have to re-read it soon."

Julia 's profile image

juliarhx__ shared a tip "The 4 different povs felt a little too whiplashy to me, but overall the book itself was really good and emotional."

lauren bates's profile image

lauren_bates_6681 shared a tip "this book is absolutely heart breaking and i feel like it’s necessary for everyone to read"

Ely 's profile image

elyespinosa657 shared a tip "4.5⭐️ fast paced book and really sad"

Izzy flowers's profile image

izzy_flowers shared a tip "Good book! It was not my favorite but overall I liked it. Was a bit confusing at times but had a powerful theme!"

jessica_sennebogen shared a tip "5/5"

Camila Muñoz's profile image

camila_muoz shared a tip "Finished this book and it was heartbreaking..."

Lily 's profile image

lily_the_leo shared a tip "It really gave the reader a new perspective"

leah_carraway shared a tip "Very memorable characters and storylines."

lexi_janosi shared a tip "Over dramatic, boring, random romance sub-plot???"

Leila Marie 's profile image

leilacendejas shared a tip "expected to cry but did not /: can someone recommend books that will actually make me cry"

madison_bottrall shared a tip "This is my all time favorite book and one of the only books that has ever made me cry. I would 100% recommend"

Venus 's profile image

veethebee shared a tip "Intense, thrilling, and horrifyingly close to home."

Raquela Westrope's profile image

raquela_westrope shared a tip "Hurt. Just hurt. But, it takes on a serious subject we ALL can learn from and some of us NEED to learn from."

lizzie boss's profile image

lizzie_boss shared a tip "This book made me cry thanks to how much I related to the characters"

Andrea Orozco's profile image

andrea_orozco_9020 shared a tip "it made me cry."

Samantha Bergman's profile image

samantha_bergman shared a tip "Hard read... sensitive topics but really well written."

reese jones's profile image

reese_j shared a tip "goo"

Deborah Abon-Germany's profile image

deborah_abon-germany shared a tip "I have never read a book like this. It is written from 4 points of view and the stories and perfectly blended together!"

Taylor Sipos's profile image

taylor_sipos shared a tip "ONE OF THE BEST READS OF MY LIFE"

barbara_ornelas_gar shared a tip "This book is truly heartbreaking, bc things like this happen in reality."

Paige Morton's profile image

paige_morton shared a tip "This books was absolutely insane to read , I loved it"

Hannah Blue's profile image

hanxo shared a tip "Raw and moving. A must read for anyone who attended high school post-columbine."

Cho 's profile image

chendounghua shared a tip "this was so good, definitely made my heart drop and stop a couple times. would recommend though. gonna reread it soon!"

Bella C's profile image

bella_c_120 shared a tip "A great book with a very tense story, make sure you are prepared for this one!"

Madeline McDunn's profile image

maddy_mcdunn shared a tip "A tearjerker that makes you think while not over loading in details"

Holly Lawrence's profile image

holly_lawrence_5614 shared a tip "I cannot recommend this book enough! One of my all time favorites."

kaylin 's profile image

kaylin_jernigan shared a tip "This book is SOOOO good it was really interesting and it was awkward when my school teacher found out what it is about"

ur mum's profile image


lauren_wenzel shared a tip "Very suspenseful book with interesting characters."

Autumn Anderson's profile image

autumn_anderson shared a tip "No this is the only one I've read so far"

Lily Gibson's profile image

lilyan_gibson shared a tip "Heart breaking"

Anjel 's profile image

artistic_njel shared a tip "It wasn't too bad! I liked the writing style and different povs. Sad, but I loved the ending."

Ella 's profile image

ella_gill_9180 shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

Kalyn Knight's profile image

kalyn_knight shared a tip "Yes! It’s sooo good!"

kylie kissler's profile image

kylie126 shared a tip "Such a page turner, I couldn’t put it down. Definitely on a heavier topic but if you are interested it is 100% worth it."

bella_roper shared a tip "so well written"

Anna<3 's profile image

anna_krebs shared a tip "Made me bawl in school ✌️"

Bella 's profile image

bigbrain shared a tip "I love this book, truly amazing!"

Jay Yaqub's profile image

jay_slayed shared a tip "How it all blew up! It’s a rlly great book"

sarah mckenna's profile image

sarah_mckenna_2079 shared a tip "Literally could not agree it this book down, the best book I’ve read yet!!"

Tree F.'s profile image

PixelTree shared a tip "It’s definitely too romance centered in a lot of ways for the topic, but it kept me reading all night"

diana_velo shared a tip "Fast read"

maycee_6505 shared a tip "i read this in like 2 days. it was so good"

amy_tatarka shared a tip "This was a good book.#school_safety"

Kaitlyn V's profile image

kaitlyn_v shared a tip "Wow....a suspenseful and heartbreaking read. I could not put it down."

Bri 's profile image

cightmoral shared a tip "I was so sad at the end but it was a great book"

Tangerine Sunshine's profile image

tangerine_sunshine shared a tip "Really interesting and suspenseful but will definitely make you cry"

addison_jones_7044 shared a tip "the beginning to the book is my favorite for sure. the way the author sets up the plot line is just-wow."

addie_2897 shared a tip "Very fast-paced book, sure to get you out of a reading slump."

Agatha Nascimento's profile image

agatha_nascimento shared a tip "Has anyone read this book? If yes is it any good?"

Katherine Morris's profile image

katmorris shared a tip "fast paced!"

Ash 's profile image

hamilton_261 shared a tip "BEST. BOOK. EVER. Had me violently sobbing the entire time."

Marie Waaler's profile image

ezyntalli shared a tip "Absolutely captivating. I couldn’t tear my eyes away even at the most heartbreaking of scenes!"

avery_brand shared a tip "This book is full of suspense, drama, and unexpected turns! If you are interested in any drama, you will love this book"

Taya 's profile image

taya_4768 shared a tip "I loved ittttt!!!!"

Iman Hussein's profile image

iman_hussein shared a tip "It was very deep and definitely made me cry. It took me a bit longer to finish reading because it made me really sad"

Cindy 's profile image

cindy_1040 shared a tip "Towards the end I dont wanna give any spoilers to anyone who hasent read but what Tomás did for Sylv was probably my favorite"

Cayla Rivera's profile image

cayla_rivera shared a tip "Heart wrenching, edge of your seat"

alaysia_graham shared a tip "Honestly I just really enjoyed how well it was written idk how to explain it."

jessalyn_herrera shared a tip "Amazing book, loved the characters, the writing, it was so beautifully told."

kylee_dennis shared a tip "It shows the perspective of many different people and how they cope or deal with the extreme circumstances theyre in"

chloe_staats shared a tip "I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, but I know for sure I will get it! It sounds so interesting!"

ash :)'s profile image

ash.sikk shared a tip "I liked how it was written. From four different perspectives, with four different backgrounds."

Danni Hallberg's profile image

danni_hallberg shared a tip "Once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down"

mikayla arensdorf's profile image

mikayla_arensdorf shared a tip "the ending shocked me"

renee_morris_3962 shared a tip "Amazing book! I was drawn in from the very beginning and felt like I was on the edge of my seat reading. 10/10 recommend!"

Livvy King's profile image

livvy_king shared a tip "Bussin"

anabella_falcon shared a tip "Lovedddd this book"

Kayzli Strehl's profile image

kayzli_strehl shared a tip "it's a easy read, fast paced so you won't get bored as it uncovers all the secrets :)"

Ashley DeStefanis's profile image

ashley_destefanis shared a tip "I was destroyed by this book. It felt real, so every gunshot felt like one coming right at my heart."

Alyssa Mattingley's profile image

alyssa_mattingley shared a tip "3/5"

diana_menend shared a tip "absolutely loved bc of the different storylines and povs. the book also broke my heart so many times so beware"

Rachel Williams's profile image

rachel_williams_5278 shared a tip "When he was on the stage and calling out his sister. It was so scary to read! What was yours?"

Makensey Archer's profile image

makensey_archer shared a tip "Read it all in one day and really kept me on the edge of my seat"

sonja_nesseth shared a tip "It really shows what life is like as a high schooler in America."

kayleigh_wright_7146 shared a tip "such a thrilling book!"

Hi how Are ya's profile image

hi_how_are_ya_7838 shared a tip "It was great"

Simra Baig's profile image

simra_baig shared a tip "such a good, heart wrenching book! love the positive muslim representation AND the LGBTQ+ rep in a way that isn't forced."

Mackenzie High's profile image

mackenzie_high shared a tip "i haven’t read a book that captivates me this much in a while. i cried so hard. it’s an amazing book"

a-a B's profile image

a-a_b shared a tip "I loved the way the book was written and how personal and insightful it was to the reality of these tragedies."

ashlyn_lindow shared a tip "so heartbreaking."

kiara_2014 shared a tip "THIS BOOK WAS SO FRESKING GOOD OMG i was rolling in my bed and gripping my sheets"

Valerie Lincoln's profile image

valerieraee shared a tip "Ehh"

MYKA KELLY's profile image

myka_kelly_6456 shared a tip "It shows a lot of emotions and how everyone is feeling in that moment. Love the ending"

Amanda Westenskow's profile image

amanda_westenskow shared a tip "Very touching. I felt as if I’ve known the characters my entire life."

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