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Don't miss Mary Kubica's riveting new thriller, Just the Nicest Couple!Over a million copies sold.“A twisty, roller coaster ride of a debut. Fans of Gone Girl will embrace this equally evocative tale.” —Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times bestselling author“I’ve been following her for the past few days.

Author Mary Kubica

Pages 400

Publisher MIRA

Published Date 2014-07-29

ISBN 1460330196 9781460330197

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LoBarker shared a tip "If you liked Gone Girl, here’s another suspenseful book written in a similar manor."

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cw_5986 shared a tip "The ending is amazing!"

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TrustyJ shared a tip "Enjoyable book. Didn't see the ending coming. Medium paced book where two timelines of an event meet to connect the dots."

heather_lacy shared a tip "Loved the way each chapter is written from a different characters perspective. Kept me entertained and wanting to turn the page."

amela_rizvanovic shared a tip "Oh gosh I don’t think I can just pick one. There’s a few favourite I have."

lonni_klein shared a tip "I’m just finishing the Guest List by Lucy Foley."

stephani_laing shared a tip "I lied... The Silent Ones is by Ali Knight 🤣 I read a lot, sometimes things blend together"

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nancy_ryan-mills shared a tip "Page turner! #greatbook"

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hanxo shared a tip "A Thriller, filled with twists and turns, that will keep you engaged until the end"

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megan_kaminaris shared a tip "Great twist at the end!"

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natalie_williams_6938 shared a tip "So far my favorite by Kubica!"

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tnde_kulina shared a tip "Great story, sad didn’t turned out a happily ever book. Beautiful story."

jolene_beaudoin shared a tip "Love a good twist"

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heewon_oconnor shared a tip "Hard to say but for mystery/ thriller Harlan Coben never disappoints me."

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kathleen_rita-holif shared a tip ""We keep the Dead Close" by Becky Cooper"

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connie_schroth shared a tip "An excellent thriller."

bonnie_davis_4017 shared a tip "Great twist at the end!"

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laurie_breaux shared a tip "This book is actually one of my favorites, honestly once you get through the beginning you wont want to put it down!"

bethany_farrar shared a tip "This was a great suspense book told from a few different points of view. I loved it."

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lakin_osmus shared a tip "If you're looking for a plot twisting mystery this is the book for you!"

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charlene_sonnheim-r shared a tip "The whole book I enjoyed. What about you?"

patricia_catalan shared a tip "Not reading anything exciting at the moment"

angela_davis_3614 shared a tip "Behind closed doors by B.A Paris just finished it."

lori_ann_256 shared a tip "It was okay but not as edge-of-the-seat thriller that I usually read."

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jessie_hastings shared a tip "The silent patient! I’m reading it now and I can’t put it down!!"

alayna_79 shared a tip "The maidens by Alex Michaelides"

shadia_hamideh shared a tip "I actually really loved the light we lost by jill santopolo"

shadia_hamideh shared a tip "How about you? I actually getting my booklist ready for my barnes and noble day so i could use some recommendations :)"

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kimberly_conlon shared a tip "I read this a while ago so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details. The ending is what stands out the most for me."

monique_stephan shared a tip "So worth reading that. Plan on an afternoon to yourself!!"

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samantha_4928 shared a tip "Fantastic, if you like Gillian Flynn then this is for you! A quick read because I couldn't put it down."

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wesley_crochet shared a tip "Kept me on my toes!"

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mariamand shared a tip "Kept me wanting to turn the page"

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shannan_sue shared a tip "Yes and the movie is awesome too"

lee_askew shared a tip "This a great read"

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lauren_small_8347 shared a tip "I haven’t finished this book yet but I’m in the middle of it and so far I love it!"

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amanda_podein shared a tip "So good, down to the last sentence!"

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