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A wedding. A trip to Spain. The most infuriating man. And three days of pretending. Or in other words, a plan that will never work.Catalina Martín, finally, not single. Her family is happy to announce that she will bring her American boyfriend to her sister's wedding. Everyone is invited to come and

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Author Elena Armas

Pages 482

Publisher Independently Published

Published Date 2021-02-22

ISBN 9798705893843


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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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sally.butterfly shared a tip "Aaron Blackford >>>>> the whole book"

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acherryqueen shared a tip "It was a good fun read but not as GREAT as people described it - I guess I went in with high expectations"

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gabriela_ortega_17 shared a tip "Felt like a warm hug🥰loved it"

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teddbear shared a tip "never read and never want to"

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ashley_anaya shared a tip "Such an amazing romance novel! This book leaves a mark on your heart!"

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rylie_folsom shared a tip "The ****. Amazing. The story. Amazing. Almost cried."

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kelly_calle-tenempa shared a tip "Loved it so much 10/10"

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elena_stern shared a tip "It felt like he convinced her she needed him. I am strong believer that relationships should not work like that."

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jana_dari_omari shared a tip "HAD ME WEAK IN THE KNEES. LOVED THE ENDING SM!!!!"

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kathryn_antonawich shared a tip "Loved it!!!"

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emmyrose shared a tip "The cheesyest book on the planet don’t read"

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alli_drummonds shared a tip "SO VERY GOOD. An excellent combo of fake dating/ he falls first/ enemies to lovers."

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josiemiller shared a tip "amazeballs. all i can say."

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abby_nkar shared a tip "This book was amazing. I really loved the banter dynamic between the two characters and their Romance was written so well.☺️"

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kaitie_robinson shared a tip "I loved this book! A quick read but very satisfying!"

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fabi_.g shared a tip "Great book 🤗"

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emma_watt shared a tip "i loved this book it had me laughing and gave me butterflies"

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alexandra_beaudry shared a tip "not my style"

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aysia_gramby shared a tip "Slow build romance, enemies to lovers! Super cute!"

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avery_simpson_7035 shared a tip "it was really good! i enjoyed it a lot!"

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rileyd_mills shared a tip "This book is a little cheesy at some points but it is sooooo good 10/10"

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cmd_25 shared a tip "Similar to the movie "the wedding date" but with colleagues"

joli_9945 shared a tip "WOAH BUDDY"

sofia_obregon shared a tip "It’s the absolute best book I’ve read."

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realtori shared a tip "Do Catalina and Aaron date??"

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jj_here shared a tip "Loved the book especially the tacos !!! Gotta admit it was slow but loved it !"

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katie_colantuono shared a tip "Katie: legit one of the best books ever."

adalie_phillips shared a tip "really slow and just got bored"

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its_me_6530 shared a tip "Chapter 17 is my favourite. Family time to their own little banter everything."

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duhhhitsmya shared a tip "This was a perfect enemies to lovers book. The romance was cute and the 🌶 was so good ! Read this in one sitting !"

alicia_3719 shared a tip "this is a good book! just wasn’t expecting it to be vulgar like that"

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haileyiscoolerthanyou shared a tip "soooo good, i literally couldn’t get my eyes of it 🤩"

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olivia_g_5159 shared a tip "Wasn’t sure about this book at first but it got better as it progressed. Very 🌶🌶. 8/10 overall."

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kaydence_polky shared a tip "My favorite part would probably have to be the charity ball part."

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carmen_g_6572 shared a tip "I liked that it wasn’t too erotic, just enough to get the gears turning. Sensual, lovely and dreamy *wink*"

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ciara_curley shared a tip "i have no words to describe how much i loved this book. all i will say is Aaron Blackford."

allie_stevens_3044 shared a tip "Amazing book!"

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molly_bri shared a tip "I am currently reading the Brooklyn Bruisers hockey series by Sarina Bowen! They’re really easy reads 😂"

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gabriella_pretty shared a tip "Spicy and Spanish"

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eoatt shared a tip "Aaron Blackford, give me a chance"

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Bookluver124 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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khae_t shared a tip "I cried so hard when I finished this not because it was sad just because I loved it so much and I didn’t want to let go."

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april2368 shared a tip "Light and cute with a few steamy parts. It made me smile and laugh along the way."

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xxchristianxx shared a tip "BOOK IS AMAZING"

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ktx.lacey shared a tip "Amazing book! Highly recommend! Any books like this one y’all recommend??"

mariana_7529 shared a tip "Enemies to lovers is my favorite."

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beebees shared a tip "slowburn but SOOOO satisfying at the end, good if you love the fake dating trope"

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GabriellaKelly505 shared a tip "Internal screeching"

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fionaasmo shared a tip "Okay okay I loved this book a lot"

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mac_swigart shared a tip "First romance book and it did not disappoint"

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rachael_hall_1872 shared a tip "I loved the loyalty of Aaron and the build up of the emotional/physical connection between the main characters!"

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nadine_marie_788 shared a tip "Slow burn and so good!"

abby_eastman_9884 shared a tip "Great romance!"

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bridgertonfan shared a tip "Ugh i loved how he kept fighting for her and eventually won her over"

kacie_cieloha shared a tip "This book was poorly written and formatted so it was very hard to read. The main characters had no chemistry at all."

eleysi_pagan shared a tip "I loved this book. Super funny & relatable. This is a must read. One of my favorites!"

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sophia_riveraa shared a tip "amazing"

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audrey_lehnen shared a tip "ugh the romance was amazing"

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jaedyn_mcgalin shared a tip "It has all the tropes; single bed; enemies to lovers; miscommunication; vacation. An excellent read!"

samantha_goodnight shared a tip "Fun! Fun! Fun!"

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jennifer_weber_962 shared a tip "Aaron Blackford. 🖤"

jamie_m_6236 shared a tip "Twenty five."

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jadyn_adams shared a tip "It was cute, but it wasn’t my favorite. The pace was far too slow."

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essence_brown_1771 shared a tip "3.5/5 stars"

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angela_lemke shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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alexandra_montenegro_ shared a tip "Aaron Blackford >>> do I have to say more? He’s perfect. 4.5/5"

shiloh_8329 shared a tip "it was just really wholesome"

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jj_blondin shared a tip "It was honestly amazing even though at some point it was enraging."

jasmine_3744 shared a tip "I love a good fake dating trope ❤️ this one is a slow burn. I couldn’t put this one down!"

hartley-love_fergus shared a tip "great fake dating book and i loved the banter...recommend 👍🏼😊"

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angelic.oona shared a tip "This book is awesome as hell I love it so much"

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mac.xo716 shared a tip ""Because it was all you were willing to give me. And Id rather have you hating me than not have you at all” 😩😩🥲😮‍💨"

seriah_227 shared a tip "Love Aaron blackford great read download for free on z library"

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mariana_lafuente shared a tip "AARON BLACKFORD OMGGG😍🫶🏻"

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randi_paige_iwanows shared a tip "Adam 😍 I love a grumpy man. However, it was slow starting and too much back and forth."

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sydney_corriveau shared a tip "AMAZING book !! Loved it"

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imani_march shared a tip "This was a fun fast read. However I did find myself skipping a lot of sentences or paragraphs, found it to be repetitive ."

alyssa_hall_6769 shared a tip "it was great! takes a while to actually get somewhere, but it was a good read"

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niko_albertson shared a tip "It was okay"

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tiana_lazri shared a tip "this book was so adorable and i loved it"

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hgayares shared a tip "omg aaron and lina. bro. the slow burn was so good"

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jenna_wray shared a tip "anyone else find this book really long?? like the main plot of the book doesn’t even happen till severalll chapter in"

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kyla_9543 shared a tip "Lina is my woman. Aaron is my husband."

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lamia_khochbar shared a tip "Enemies to lovers AND fake dating 😫😫"

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tanya__2004 shared a tip "8/10 literally the definition of a slow burner. this book was so long lmao it was good but didn’t really have any plot twists"

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jami_kloth shared a tip "Such a great read! Love the characters!"

mikala_bryan shared a tip "One of my favorite books!"

taylor_brooks_2113 shared a tip "This book received too much hate, it was amazing!"

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madi_glatfelter shared a tip "Very cute, I found myself getting lost in the book and wishing I was there living it lol"

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victoria_kitirattra shared a tip "Very fun! Loved the tension and slow burn. I have a large family so I can definitely relate to the FMC."

kaylee_thomas_5788 shared a tip "Love Aaron Blackford#5tacos"

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tellybelly shared a tip "ARON BLACKFORD IS A DREAM!!!"

e_s_3702 shared a tip "I LOVED THIS."

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sarah_gaviria shared a tip "Too much detail. Was a good plot but didn’t stuck out to me"

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vanstace shared a tip "Loved this book! Slower start/first chapter, but slowly wrangled me in. Slow burn but read her fast."

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esmeralda_rojas shared a tip "Slow angsty one as well 😅but loved it"

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grace_felton_9992 shared a tip "Litterally loved. Could not put it down. Def a recommended"

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khloe_3991 shared a tip "I WANT AN AARON BLACKFORD! 😩"

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jackie_shindman shared a tip "Obsessed with Aaron Blackford on an unhealthy level ❤️‍🔥"

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sadie_b_1873 shared a tip "Litterly so sweet and hot like ot went painfully slow but it was perfect"

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lauren_webb_1657 shared a tip "Such a good story, love the characters. A slow burn but not boring at all"

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romcom_reads shared a tip "The beginning was too slow and once I got to the part where the text thread appeared with *____ emoji* I completely lost interest"

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laurence_janvier shared a tip "I loved this book!!🤍"

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lils_peterson shared a tip "this book was a very cute and easy read. i wasn’t stunned by the writing or the plot, but it was a happy time!"

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riley_smith_8235 shared a tip "Cute! Reminded me of a Spanglish version of the Wedding date."

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catalina_saez shared a tip "No other women"

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maddie_hutchinson shared a tip "Cute"

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maddie_hutchinson shared a tip "I love, love."

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corinne_springer shared a tip "Super cute, verrrrryyyy slow burn"

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lilylikestoread shared a tip "Too lighthearted"

destinee_hammond shared a tip "great story line and i found it rlly funny :)"

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aaliyah_meza shared a tip "It’s was soo good! Love them"

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gracie_redmond shared a tip "EVERYTHING"

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DarkDove shared a tip "Was it good? No. Did I read it? Yes."

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alyzt4 shared a tip "Love love LOVE this book!!"

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morgan_hensley shared a tip "It was absolutely amazing. One of my favorite books."

isabel_snyder_7717 shared a tip "So obsessed, read this in 1 day. Definitely a slow burn but I loved all of the detail and the build up. 500/10 🌶❤️"

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kiki_duval shared a tip "OMFG, no one told me i would fall in love this hard."

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literarylola shared a tip "Aaron could ruin my life & I’d thank him"

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emilee_robinson shared a tip "Very funny. A lot of cute moments as well. 100% in love with this book. 💗"

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natalie_chavez_4192 shared a tip "Great book. Read in a day. Slow burn romance . Wish there was a part 2"

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ana_banana_4612 shared a tip "Wonderful!!! Would recommend to anyone looking for an intriguing enemies to lovers romance…I couldn’t get enough of it ❤️"

eujin_son shared a tip "Aaron Blackford is the love of my life. Also, the slow-burn in a book makes the overall story more realistic."

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elizabeth_farrier shared a tip "Way too long before the story actually starts and over all hated it"

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kacilyn_belmont shared a tip "slow burn…"

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madeleine_bridensti shared a tip "I just finished this book- I loved it. Very slow burn… but it was so good!!!"

jessica_montgomery_2033 shared a tip "Very slow."

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jes_ruv shared a tip "I loved aron blackford"

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elianereads shared a tip "AARON MOTHERF\/CKING BLACKFORD"

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gabsuh shared a tip "@paigelilovesbooks it’s one of my absolute favorite books !!"

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hannah_lalonde shared a tip "Absolutely in love with this fake dating trope, 6/10 for spice, 10/10 for cuteness"

lauren_welch_3430 shared a tip "I love this book"

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anabel_3441 shared a tip "It moved a bit slow for me but did what it was meant to do"

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emilie_ily shared a tip "same with this"

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nat.aliee shared a tip "this book had me so stuck"

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zamzam_hassan shared a tip "I really loved this books it had everything I always wanted a romance book ti have and I am a simp for Aaron Blackford😫"

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carlierabbit shared a tip "AARON BLACKFORD <3"

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my_bourgelas shared a tip "I really like how the relation between Catalina and Aaron evolved. Also, I really appreciate all the story:)"

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jennifer_post11 shared a tip "Amazing slow burn. The best book I’ve read in a while!"

jasmine_choudhury shared a tip "It was rlly cute and heartwarming i loved"

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LordeGatoo shared a tip "This type of love & loyalty ❤️"

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chloe_fortin_6679 shared a tip "A steamy romance, every romantic fantasy in a book with a nice characterization."

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lily_van_horn shared a tip "It was so romantic and just amazing! The spicy parts weren’t bad either. ❤️"

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maniac_ shared a tip "The bickering between the MCs was funny and cute, lots of build up and plot, with a happy ending!"

maddie_runyon shared a tip "It’s a slow burn for real but well worth the wait!"

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emmalovesromancebooks shared a tip "My comfort book <3"

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kelsi_mills shared a tip "LOVED."

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erica_escobar shared a tip "I was hooked from start to finish! This type of book just makes your heart happy!"

marinel_wampach shared a tip "Sexy but not overly graphic- lots of layers to the story. Slower burn."

bette_2117 shared a tip "It had just the amount of spice but luckily it wasn’t too bad to were I had to skip through. One of my new favorites for sure"

claire_fisher_5823 shared a tip "Couldn’t get enough of this relationship, the patience Aaron had with her kept be turning the pages!"

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monica_weaver_3383 shared a tip "100/10 I loved everything about this book"

ayushi_nath shared a tip "@chrisflores28 I haven’t read this book yet. How abt u have u read this book?"

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indra_yunen shared a tip "This is such a beautiful story!🥺100% recommend! 5/5⭐️ #love_and_romance"

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kate_crowell shared a tip "I just finished Kiss Quotient and it was so good!"

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taylor_wilson_5686 shared a tip "LOVED!!!!!"

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sienna_conrad shared a tip "so good best enemies to lovers still crying"

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julie_6092 shared a tip "slow burn😩😩 so good"

layla_libman shared a tip "Aaron blackford <3"

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graceolivani shared a tip "Ahhh. So many things to love about this book. I want an Arron."

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anmol_jain_1571 shared a tip "It was such a good book 😩 #enemiestolovers"

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vjs shared a tip "Took a little longer to get into it but I loved it"

diamond_marshall_8279 shared a tip "thank you! at the moment i don’t have a favorite drink"

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libra.library shared a tip "This story was so compelling. I loved the story and I love how quickly it unfolded. It was a perfect romance"

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kendah shared a tip "i loved this book so much! i really like how it’s kind of a enemies to lovers and how the guy falls in love first."

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regan_hollingsworth shared a tip "Enemies to lovers, the relationship and care they had felt real and more mature"

ava_mckean shared a tip "Loved the tropes and tbh Aaron Blackford is the loml"

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klaire_storry shared a tip "I loved this book!"

kate_pittman shared a tip "Yes"

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evelyn_espinoza_2087 shared a tip "The dynamic between Lina and Aaron was just too cute I couldn't put the book down."

em_9430 shared a tip "Slow burn enemies to lovers. Definitely like The Hating Game. Finished it in a day."

iris_wang_3879 shared a tip "new favorite book omg, this story had me on the edge of my seat and screaming in a pillow"

jada_4078 shared a tip "My new favorite book❤️❤️❤️"

karine_lemay shared a tip "Excellent read!!"

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abby_reynolds_8418 shared a tip "One of my new favorites"

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jj_jenkins_2716 shared a tip "Awesome banter between main characters and family members and a fun love story."

mindy_kolodziejski shared a tip "#romance #enemiestolovers"

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siddy shared a tip "3 ⭐️ Didn’t feel like the hero had much of a personality but I liked the concept overall"

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eno shared a tip "Yes!! It’s such a beautiful book and very well written."

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megan_baldonado shared a tip "If you liked the wedding date movie. This is similar but with so much more grit and heat and heart"

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natalya_dillan shared a tip "Might be the best romantic novel I have ever read."

abbi_cimini shared a tip "I just finished it, and I absolutely loved it! The best! Go read it now! 5/5⭐️"

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sara_mohammed shared a tip "Very well written slow burn! Smart, realistic characters that tugged at my heart and the perfect amount of angst."

gillian_leany shared a tip "THE SEXUAL TENSION! Loved it 5/5 & 🌶🌶🌶🌶"

britney_bolanos shared a tip "Definitely worth the read!! Read it in one day!!"

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oseria shared a tip "Definitely a favorite💘. Loved every second, I recommend 👌"

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bookishgabs shared a tip "I was in a book rut, and this so brought me out of it. This book was soooo good. It is a must read!"

kate_7992 shared a tip "Soooo captivating!! Love it!"

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alyssa_nicole_4849 shared a tip "So cute !! A really great read even a little steamy !"

hajar_fakhri shared a tip "So I’ve read the Spanish love deception any other enemies to lovers work space romance recommendations?"

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melody_750 shared a tip "So good"

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annie_gibbons shared a tip "best book i’ve ever read"

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anyi_santiago shared a tip "#AaronBlackford"

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emaan_khan shared a tip "Finished this one! Omg it had me running LAPS- the tension and chemistry was great! Would definitely read again <3"

mykayla_giguere-cou shared a tip "Loved the story, wasn’t a huge fan of the writing. Worth the read!"

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jenna_lacombe shared a tip "10/10 spicy and romance!!!"

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hanna_youngblood shared a tip "This is my second favorite that I read in October."

ty_2376 shared a tip "Not what I was expecting but I loved it!"

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britney_t shared a tip "AMAZING"

elina_napier shared a tip "one my my fav books ever!!"

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amari_grayson shared a tip "Amazon"

lindsay_fleming shared a tip "Love. Love. Love. Everything"

samantha_3912 shared a tip "I loved this book! it’s a really good slowburn and the love interest… AARON💓💓"

josselyn_hernandez_2495 shared a tip "enemies to lovers and their chemistry at the end is immaculate"

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jay_xoxo shared a tip "I loved this book! It was so relatable!"

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essence_and_zay shared a tip "I completely and Utterly loved it"

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lilah_lawson shared a tip "This book was so good! Definitely one of my favorites, and I will be returning to it time and time again!"

calvin_1060 shared a tip "AARON🔥🔥"

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maca_ruiz shared a tip "Romantic!"

grace_185 shared a tip "omg sooo good"

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becca_rios shared a tip "I absolutely ADORE this book"

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alyssagoretzka shared a tip "loved"

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addison_reardon shared a tip "slow burn"

emily_jeris shared a tip "A need to read"

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maite_ospitaletche shared a tip "One of the best fake dating books i read this year!!!"

Rockwater66 shared a tip "Hits every trope I love, my favorite book rn"

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haley_johnson_7493 shared a tip "Super cute and fluffy 😜"

clara_beth_souter shared a tip "✨Aaron Blackford✨"

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caroline_tuttle_7307 shared a tip "it was so good, i really really liked it"

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anna_huber_9337 shared a tip "My standards for men have been set higher, due to Aaron Blackford."

an_c_4189 shared a tip "Cristina Martin+Aaron Blackford: Pretend dating, enemies to lovers, office romance 4.5/5"

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free_account_118 shared a tip "Slow to get started, but very good overall!"

gabrielle_duesberry shared a tip "it is one my favorite reads of the year!!"

julia_h_2945 shared a tip "Very cute! Loved everything about this book from start to finish."

ana_larez shared a tip "#goals"

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Selenalpz shared a tip "✨Aaron Blackford✨ that's all :)"

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peace_olugbenro shared a tip "Haven’t found anyone like this yet :( Have you?"

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nataliarendon shared a tip "honestly it was a slow burn but the good kind! not a lot of **** but when the time game it was very good"

celina_bunch shared a tip "Yes yes"

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danielle_ellman shared a tip "Loved!!"

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vanessa_estrella_177 shared a tip "Love love love Mr.Blackford is daddy 🥵🥰"

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francesca_bitos shared a tip "No other words than I WANT MORE but it in Aaron’s POV"

taylor_welch_4437 shared a tip "nice"

josie_hall_5185 shared a tip "Ahhhh I lob"

meghan_taylor_406 shared a tip "Just finished this book and it was amazing!!!"

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cecilia_breckenridge shared a tip "The Spanish Love Deception is so good, it’s definitely a slow burn and the main characters are perfect"

noelle_ruskay shared a tip "Amazing"

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ac1nom shared a tip "Ok but what do I read next I loved this one 😍😍"

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brianna_t_2334 shared a tip "love the male lead and how he didn’t let her push him away"

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veronica_m_385 shared a tip "LOVED THIS BOOK!"

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bookbookboi shared a tip "i liked it but it wasn’t like “oh my this book is soooo good” it was more like “cool”"

kaylin_sagastume shared a tip "arron blackford."

caitlyn_adams shared a tip "Was an amazing book, really enjoyed it. Had a great storyline."

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stacy_5316 shared a tip "I’m in love with Aaron Blackford #aaronblackford"

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talena_ladendorf shared a tip "Literally love"

kayla_coln shared a tip "It was a super hot, slow burn ❤️‍🔥"

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katherine_mejia_4035 shared a tip "I loved it I wish it was a movie"

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brea_norelius shared a tip "Romantic and passionate relationship. The epitome of slow burns."

jenalynn shared a tip "Too simple and predictable. The entire book dragged on. Could have been written in half the words."

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angela_houser shared a tip "2022"

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