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What can I say? Nothing. Because my throat is completely raw from all of the squealing and crying tyvm. The love interest? He’s just…absolute PERFECTION. The enemies-to-lovers? ACK. The ADORABLE AND HEART-ATTACK-INDUCING ROMANCE? G o r g e o u s. It’s a must read. And if I could sum it up using social media. “Don’t fall in love with a ridiculously handsome 6”3 professor at Stanford who everyone hates because he makes people cry over forgetting the hundredth digit of their data, and definitely do not start a fake dating relationship with him (because he may or may not have a giant crush on you for years). Or do. We don’t care.”

The Love Hypothesis imageThe Love Hypothesis image

The Love Hypothesis

Books | Ali Hazelwood


The Hawthorne Legacy imageThe Hawthorne Legacy image

The Hawthorne Legacy

Books | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

A solid story!! I loved the writing…nothing was too slow or too fast…no haste endings…the answers were given…it felt like those comfort stories you hear before sleeping. But, what made this one particularly special is the characterization of Molly Gray. From her thoughts to her words and actions…everything was well mapped and planned. It was like the author understood this character inside and out. I appreciate it. If I’m not wrong, Molly is autistic…and I have never learned anything about autism. I do have a classmate who is autistic, but I never really understood the way he speaks and learns. But now I have a better understanding, and I’m so very grateful for it. 😊

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The Maid

Books | Nita Prose

Psychologically….screwed? Idk. This is the most bizarre show I’ve ever watched. For one, Nanno is AWFULLY gorgeous. I just can’t get over her maniacal laugh and smirk. On the other hand, the girl is scary. She brings out the worst in people…and it’s entertaining to witness it unfold. But, sometimes the moral of the episodes get mushed because the characters’ choices are so extreme it’s almost incredulous.

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Girl from Nowhere

Shows | Drama

THIS IS SUCH A CREATIVE IDEA. I love the foods that were produced as well as the auctions and the participants. Some are straight up ruthlessly competitive while others are adorable.

Cook at all Costs imageCook at all Costs image

Cook at all Costs

Shows | Reality

Yo, why does all of the main characters have W rizz??? Sorry. But, ack. I love them so much. This is your typical American police show. Very savvy. Much charisma. A little bit of romantic tension. A must watch???

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Shows | Action & Adventure

HI-LA-RIOUSSSS!!! The plot is nice, too. 5/5

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Bullet Train

Movies | Action

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