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SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTUREINSTANT #1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERUSA Today bestseller Edgar + ITW Thriller Award nominee for Best First Novel“Think: Dexter but sexier.”—theSkimm“A dark and irresistible debut.”—People“Will shock even the savviest suspense readers.”—Real SimpleDexter meets Mr. and

Author Samantha Downing

Pages 384

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2019-03-26

ISBN 0451491742 9780451491749

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alice 's profile image

aliceontop shared a tip "finished 3.16 — 4/5"

William Crawford's profile image

william_crawford shared a tip "Awesome summer read"

English-teacher shared a tip "Just finished this book. Good thriller/mystery. Definitely very engaging."

Jody Baer-Swanson's profile image

jody_baer-swanson shared a tip "It was interesting."

Kaylie Knox 's profile image

kaylie_knox shared a tip "This was good, a little slow but still good. The ending is worth the read because to me it’s somewhat of a twist and satisfying."

Susan Mitchell's profile image

susan_mitchell_8551 shared a tip "Actually i just liked it bc it looked interesting to me as well! Lol"

Jacie Taylor's profile image

jacie_taylor shared a tip "Don’t read the description or anything about it; just jump into the book !"

susan_gonzalez_1726 shared a tip "Probably The Nightengale"

megan 's profile image

megsalad shared a tip "9.5/10"

Sabrina Ortíz Michaels's profile image

sabrina_ortz_michaels shared a tip "Not gruesome. Not Dexter either."

Katelyn Colombrito's profile image

katelyn_colombrito shared a tip "A good read. I loved Samantha Downing’s writing style in this book - kept me very intrigued. Takes a very interesting turn!"

Marie Lise's profile image

marie_lise shared a tip "Different take on a murder mystery!"

Cielo Verdugo's profile image

cielo_verdugo shared a tip "so thrilling, i didn’t want to put it down!"

tony_santarelli shared a tip "Great book. Listened to the audio book. Well preformed. Had a good twist. 👍"

Sherri Donahue's profile image

sherri_donahue shared a tip "@debra_wolf ...I listen to the audio version...and it definitely kept me listening!!"

kelly_smith_8663 shared a tip "Unexpected, unique and twisty mystery #serial_killers"

Kelley Stanforth's profile image

kelley_stanforth shared a tip "Great book!!"

Melanie Schmitz's profile image

melanie_schmitz shared a tip "So dark and twisty!!! I couldn’t put it down, but am going to take a break from this genre for awhile."

Michelle Heller's profile image

michelle_heller shared a tip "Definitely"

Rachel Rice's profile image

rachel_rice shared a tip "It hooked me right from the start and it had a great twist that kept me wanting more"

Elaina Gonzalez's profile image

elaina_gonzalez_4461 shared a tip "good book and plot twist was unexpected"

Unicornsofwrath 's profile image

poodles shared a tip "I am even more afraid of people now!"

Abigail Marich's profile image

abbierose shared a tip "This was a great book! Once I started it, it had me hooked till the end. Definitely recommend!!"

liv_9056 shared a tip "Yes! I couldn't out it down."

Rebekah Warren's profile image

rebekah_warren shared a tip "Thus was a very good read for the beach."

Jennifer MacKenzie's profile image

jennifer_mackenzie shared a tip "Soo good. I didn't see the ending coming at all"

angel_dayz shared a tip "Girl on the Train was good too."

Shelby Johnson's profile image

shelby_johnson_5081 shared a tip "This book is great but starts off a little slow for my taste."

Erin Howell's profile image

erin_howell_4862 shared a tip "It’s so good! Twisty!!!"

Leonora Boing's profile image

leonora_boing shared a tip "Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson is next on my list. I'm so excited to start on it!"

Camree Crawford's profile image

camree_crawford shared a tip "Great read!!"

alanna_scanlon shared a tip "Only read it if you enjoy a dark story with unexpexpcted twists and turns.#darkhumour"

Kaitlyn Merrels's profile image

kaitlyn_merrels shared a tip "Engaging and suspenseful"

Missy Bristol's profile image

missy_bristol shared a tip "Great book"

trina_939 shared a tip "full of twists and turns!! i was never able to tear my eyes from it!!"

Janelle Ramos's profile image

janelle_ramos_4428 shared a tip "yes it was a great read!!"

jaime_814 shared a tip "Loved it! Best book I’ve read in a long time!"

albelys_del_rosario shared a tip "The ends is definitely a cliff hanger. I highly recommend"

Katherine Hagan's profile image

katherine_hagan shared a tip "Reading this now and can’t put down!"

Madysen Lightner's profile image

cowboyfleece shared a tip "liked it up until chapter 60, then it just made me sick to my stomach lmao (almost in a good way though)"

Alexa 's profile image

alexa.barillas shared a tip "I loved this book so much. Did not expect the end at all, will always recommend this book."

kathy_springer shared a tip "I liked it. I kept reading (listening) waiting for a good stopping point."

lainie_marte shared a tip "LOVED!"

betty_7732 shared a tip "This will have hooked from the beginning. Love the plot twists"

Lily Kaczynski's profile image

lily_kaczynski shared a tip "I loved this book, couldn’t put it down! I don’t know how I feel about the ending though!"

lisa_hurst shared a tip "Surprises galore"

Sarah DeLisio-Downs's profile image

sarah_delisio-downs shared a tip "Hi! Really liked Behind Closed Doors. Quick thriller read!"

Amy Randolph's profile image

amy_randolph_6811 shared a tip "I tend to binge read an author. Just finished several of Lucinda Berry."

brittany_2338 shared a tip "This book was so juicy! The twist and turns had you on your toes and I couldn’t read quick enough to see what happens next !"

Sandy Hastings's profile image

sandy_hastings shared a tip "This book definitely had a lot of twists and turns! It was unlike anything I’ve ever read."

Kimberly Reilly's profile image

kimberly_reilly_1994 shared a tip "I haven't read it yet but I have it coming this week. I have been reading a court of thorns and roses series"

jolene_herbstritt shared a tip "Loved!! Crushed the audio version in 3 days. Think “you” meets “gone girl”"

Stacy Kevitch's profile image

stacy_kevitch shared a tip "Read this in one day. Loved it"

Alise Rigby's profile image

alise_rigby shared a tip "My mouth was ajar for like half the book!!"

Libby Staebell's profile image

libby_staebell shared a tip "It was okay, but I felt like it was missing something."

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