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AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERShari Lapena’s new thriller, AN UNWANTED GUEST, is available now!“The twists come as fast [as] you can turn the pages.” —People“Provocative and shocking.” —Lisa Gardner, New York Times bestselling author of Find Her“I read this novel at one sitting, absolutely riv

Author Shari Lapena

Pages 336

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2016-08-23

ISBN 0735221111 9780735221116

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Google 3.5


jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "An entertaining read!!"

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "Really good!"

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cortney_k shared a tip "This book was amazing! I was hooked from the first page."

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oharnela shared a tip "Wow! Just when I thought I figured it out the book takes a sharp turn in a completely different direction! Great read!"

lisa_5833 shared a tip "Do you have any suggestions?"

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heather_woodyard shared a tip "I can generally figure out the guilty party but this had me guessing right up to the reveal!"

ellery_hughes shared a tip "It was fast paced and every single page brought a new turn. I got a bit burnt out by the end but would totally recommend"

rachel_schuh shared a tip "I finished this in 2 days! It was amazing!"

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mary_howard_blackbu shared a tip "Great book"

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melinda_carter_1968 shared a tip "Yes. I think so. Enjoy!"

lily_6408 shared a tip "This one is my favorite by the author. It's really captivating"

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stephanie_schiedler shared a tip "I just finished verity- highly recommend!! If you liked this you’ll LOVE verity"

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carli_walker shared a tip "This is BY FAR Shari Lapenas best book! So gripping! I couldn’t put it down! You never knew what would happen next."

kelly_barnes_9705 shared a tip "Loved the whole thing."

wendy_mcdaniell shared a tip "Yes."

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brooke_johnson_8600 shared a tip "I could hardly put it down! It got better and better every time I picked up the book."

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meagan_stanley_643 shared a tip "Yes so worth it! It reminds me of Girl on the Train. Would recommend 😇"

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jennifer_paulk shared a tip "This was a quick fun read. A little predictable, but fun."

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chemicalchica shared a tip "Quick read. Surprise ending."

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lauren_lund_7910 shared a tip "I'm currently reading the invisible girl and I'm hopeful but also just started. Stay tuned. :)"

katie_floeck shared a tip "Unexpected ending!"

eslie_taylor shared a tip "The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah"

berea_owino shared a tip "Hush, hush series"

michelle_d_802 shared a tip "Just finished The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein and it was so good!"

debra_exley shared a tip "Th Push by Ashly Audrain, it's so good, really enjoyed it!"

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Ramiego shared a tip "I truly can’t remember favorite part... read it 5 years ago"

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rachel_kilburn shared a tip "I just finished The Next Wife. That was super good."

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nicki_hale shared a tip "It was easy to follow and still had many twists and turns. Loved it!"

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evenicole09 shared a tip "I’m currently reading behind her eyes and it is awesome!"

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marleen_gonzalez shared a tip "Good mystery!"

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sabrina_anderson shared a tip "I just finished girl on the train and it was a great read"

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ciara_baez_212 shared a tip "It was very good. I couldn't put it down."

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anna_williams_6014 shared a tip "I actually have not read this one yet. I will be reading it when I finish the book I am on."

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cadie_birks shared a tip "So good! Definitely had you captured until the very end. Great book."

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alex_carlson_5647 shared a tip "Yes. It's one of my favorites."

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rebecca_wangler shared a tip "Totally mind blowing! Ends the way you never expected! Such an easy read!"

elena_egerton shared a tip "Loved this book, couldn't put it down!"

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allison_acosta_145 shared a tip "You’re going to love it!!"

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tiffany_cline shared a tip "A lot of twists towards the end that really shock you! Great read!"

debbie_dubbert shared a tip "No I haven’t, someone recommended it to me."

karen_watson_2907 shared a tip "Shari Lapena was my new favourite author of 2020. I read three of her books and this was my favourite."

lyn_leblanc shared a tip "This book is fantastic! Quick read and page Turner!"

connie_l_chowaniec shared a tip "Not my favorite but it kept me listening."

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jessica_knorr shared a tip "It was very good integrated to see what else they’ve done!"

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michelle_munn shared a tip "This was a page turner for me! So many twists and once you get to the end 🤯"

lynda_guiler shared a tip "You’re welcome! Enjoy!"

karen_lenart shared a tip "I recently read Where The Crawdads Sing and it may be one of the best books I’ve ever read."

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julie_cho shared a tip "I just started silent patient and am HOOKED. Highly recommend"

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colleen_martin_5868 shared a tip "Yes"

teresa_3099 shared a tip "Thriller, page turner, quick easy read"

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amanda_pelletier_1028 shared a tip "Both my husband and I enjoyed this book"

sara_davenport shared a tip "Just finished Before I go to Sleep, and I liked that one. Also, Verity!"

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mackenzie_dale shared a tip "I enjoyed it! Not a favourite of mine but still a good book!"

nikki_bardwell shared a tip "Such a good read!"

teresa_mannix shared a tip "Quick read. Definitely unpredictable."

chena shared a tip "It keeps you in suspense to really find out what happens however more predictable than what previous reviews led me to think."

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egg_egg shared a tip "One of my favorite books by this author. Hope you enjoy it."

elise_bristow shared a tip "Keeps yoy turning pages till yoy find out what happens to the baby."

shakiya_b shared a tip "Not at the moment. This one was good"

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daisy_dumey shared a tip "TBD. Waiting on 4 books just ordered. 🙂"

kit_1277 shared a tip "If you liked this, you may like The Woman in the Window or The Girl on the Train."

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suraj_kulkarni shared a tip "Reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius :)"

ann_taylor_5313 shared a tip "The Secrets We Kept by Lara Prescott is what I’m currently reading."

taylor_6874 shared a tip "So many awesome twists and turns!!! It was a fast read and kept me on the edge of my seat!"

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sunny_millar shared a tip "Love Mysteries with a Twist"

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brittany_jackson_2222 shared a tip "Lots of unexpected turns and action packed so easy to keep reading"

shavonne_9713 shared a tip "Very excellent book!"

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joanne_kancylarski shared a tip "I just finished No Exit by Taylor Adams. It was fantastic!"

tray_3660 shared a tip "Good book. Very suspenseful."

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bianca_anderson_1453 shared a tip "Same here"

hailey_b_460 shared a tip "I loved this but the ending was kind of abrupt I wish it kept goinggg"

alecia_perdomo shared a tip "@sarahlong21 Behind Closed Doors was also good!!!"

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paula_kline shared a tip "Yes. It was a quick read and had some twists that made it hold my interest."

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ashley_miller_1196 shared a tip "Definitely! When I was reading it it was so hard for me to put down. It took a lot of unexpected turns."

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michele_bond_3532 shared a tip "Absolutely! From what I can remember I really enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down!"

karen_1378 shared a tip "Hello! I have not read it yet. It's coming in the mail this week. So excited!"

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ashley_faller_3215 shared a tip "It is, it's a good mystery thriller."

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tess_k_2469 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️✨"

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heather_lassuy shared a tip "I could not put it down. I am a full time working mom and this is the first book in 2 years that I couldn't put down."

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nichole_jones_9121 shared a tip "No I haven't. Is it any good"

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tanya_kushner shared a tip "I read all her books now and liked them all. They are all dark, though. About how ugly people can be/get."

nacole shared a tip "Verity by collen hoover"

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alicia_demmer shared a tip "This was an easy read"

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nikita_walker shared a tip "Impossible to pick just one, Chris! I do like a good thrilling book such as this though."

hallielikehalleberry shared a tip "I read it a couple years ago and don’t remember! What’s yours, maybe it’ll remind me?"

c_pino shared a tip "Shari Lapena is a good twist and turn writer. I like unpredictable reads."

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lisa_maniglia-restivo shared a tip "Great book if your looking for a twist!😉"

andrea_davis_6741 shared a tip "Yes! I highly recommend"

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ariana_klarfeld shared a tip "I’ve read all of her other books that have already been released. They’re great!"

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laurie_feldman shared a tip "Not sure why this came up ... I’ve not read this book"

sara_576 shared a tip "This was a fun read. I wasnt paticularly shocked at any of the twists, but it