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The bestselling thriller with "a tantalizing premise and twists at every turn . . . a sizzling, masterful debut about betrayal and justice" (Samantha M. Bailey, #1 national bestselling author).Optioned by Picture Perfect Federation for development as a film or TV seriesSarah Morgan is a successful a

Author Jeneva Rose

Pages 344

Publisher Bloodhound Books

Published Date 2020-07-13

ISBN 1913419657 9781913419653

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Marissa Traver's profile image

marissa_traver shared a tip "Good read! I thought I had it figured out but she threw a twist in there at the 11th hour!"

Olivia Pave 's profile image

livi_pav shared a tip "Read it very quickly, but I don't know about the ending."

Samantha Robertson's profile image

samantha_robertson_1729 shared a tip "Not the best but passed the time."

dearCaylee_ shared a tip "I LOVED this book! Definitely shocked me. Highly recommend reading this!"

Cyara Borboa's profile image

cyara_borboa_5893 shared a tip "definitely when his mom slaps sarah tbh"

Ilea Nauts's profile image

leanauts shared a tip "Suspenseful, domestic thriller and super fast read."

bailey_kipper shared a tip "I couldn’t put it down!! So many twists that made you want to keep reading!"

Jenna Begyn's profile image

jenna_begyn shared a tip "Kept me on my toes and had unexpected ending"

Laura Shrader's profile image

laura_shrader shared a tip "The middle section drug out a bit but overall I enjoyed the book."

Mzz Betsy's profile image

Mzz_Bee shared a tip "My current read on 92%... this book took me out of my reading slump #jenevarose #marriage"

natabooks shared a tip "Man, I didn’t see those twist coming. Sarah is my idol!"

skyler_barbour shared a tip "Great book!!"

Katelyn Williams's profile image

katelyn_williams_7354 shared a tip "Quick read"

kathleen_sartini shared a tip "This a great book. It keeps you guessing throughout the book"

Delfina Williamson's profile image

delfina_williamson shared a tip "Its really good"

Deborah Harlow's profile image

deborah_harlow shared a tip "I might...sounds like a good read"

Katrina Prezioso's profile image

katrina_prezioso shared a tip "Really fast paced read with twists and suspense."

Renee Schimming's profile image

renee_schimming shared a tip "Wow This book kept me on my toes! Didn't guess the ending!"

ambur_jensen shared a tip "Absolutely amazing ! I never saw the ending !"


saltyseahawkdesigns shared a tip "Loved this book!!!"

adrianna_monroy shared a tip "Loved it from the start. Did not drag on. And the ending. Omg the ending was crazy. Definitely did not see that coming."

Tyleena Gloekler's profile image

tyleena_gloekler shared a tip "Definitely lives up to the hype. You will not be able to guess whodunnit even 3/4 the way through. Can't wait to see the movie 😍"

patricia_catalan shared a tip "Just finished this; a nail biter toward the end!"

Bruh Lexi's profile image

bruh_lexi shared a tip "“THEN SHE WAS GONE” is one of the best books I’ve read so far"

nicole_peterson_893 shared a tip "This book had me convinced I had it figured out and then totally blind sided me! Sooooo good!!!!!"

Nicole Deshner's profile image

nicole_deshner shared a tip "LOVED this book!"

kylee_joyce_7387 shared a tip "Could not put this book down!! Read it so quickly !"

Merilyn Avila's profile image

merilyn_avila shared a tip "I did not expect that ending!"

Kristina Arnold's profile image

kristina_arnold shared a tip "This will be my next read!!!"

Janette Reyes-Ramirez's profile image

janette_reyes-ramir shared a tip "Great book.... ending kind of sucks."

Brittany Kelly's profile image

brittany_kelly_5510 shared a tip "Might be my new favorite book! Had a very unexpected ending that had me shook and screaming “hell yes!!” So good! 5/5 rating!"

Kelsey O'Kane's profile image

kelsey_okane shared a tip "Didn’t see that coming!"

lisa_1960 shared a tip "The Midnight Library"

sarah_patnoudes shared a tip "Such a great read ! Flew through this in a day, couldn’t put it down! Highly recommend"

Emily R's profile image

emily_r_8359 shared a tip "I love the plot twist in this book! A must read!"

jane_kendall shared a tip "A great read with a surprising twist! Grabs you from the get go!"

Trish Taylor's profile image

trish_taylor_8123 shared a tip "Guessing till the end"

Linda Thume Davis's profile image

linda_thume_davis shared a tip "You're welcome."

grace_biondi shared a tip "Holy Suspense & plot twist!"

christina_2153 shared a tip "Thanks! LOVED Verity. Read it in 2 days!"

Arizona Corral's profile image

arizona_corral shared a tip "Suspenseful"

natalie_finkral shared a tip "I am only 1/4 way done with this book and I love it! I want to read it all day every day!! Would for sure recommend!"

awesome_user_694783 shared a tip "Best book I have ever read in a while."

amber_loudermilk_7 shared a tip "Finished, I feel like it was a waste of time."

guadalupe_ayala_5463 shared a tip "WOW! The ending had me like 🤯🤯. Such a good thriller. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time."

tei shared a tip "Loved this so much! Ending is not as aspected but definitely worth calling it a psychological thriller."

kristen_bethel shared a tip "Amazing"

Miriam Galindo's profile image

miriam_galindo_1684 shared a tip "Such a twist just when you think you know…."

Janelle Sarzynski's profile image

janelle_sarzynski shared a tip "It has a surprise ending that I would have never guessed. It was so amazing. I cried after reading it"

Lauren Hunt's profile image

lauren_hunt_965 shared a tip "Suspense"

erica_bates_4982 shared a tip "Probably one of my favorite reads!"

Kristian 's profile image

kristian_7324 shared a tip "So many twists and turns and it did not go the way I was expecting. I love this book."

Desirae Hite's profile image

desirae_hite shared a tip "This book had me guessing until the end."

Erica Wright's profile image

ericawright shared a tip "Kept me on the edge of my seat. Didn’t want to stop listening!"

Brooke Ewertt's profile image

brooke_ewertt shared a tip "The twist at the end I was not expecting!!"

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